Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bwana Spoons Custom Killers!!!!!!

2384340432_2f586a08a0_o 400x339

Bwana Spoons hits it hard with 20 fresh and new Killer customs last week. I'm sure there was blood in the water as his fan club members went Orca over this latest batch of really groovy customs...!!! There are so many interesting and unique Killers here, it's hard to pick a favorite, but I'm digging the blood red one with the tribal tats on the side....

2384432136_9f74e76cbb_o 400x225

2384432110_0698b1542b_o 400x225

2384422220_92d2fa74cc_o 400x225

2384422198_d9ee5b631f_o 400x225

2384416920_4c2449a416_o 400x225

2384416908_c4e46f3110_o 400x225

2384400756_c7260c0ff2_o 400x225

2384400728_d3af17321a_o 400x225

2384396712_7d3e3964e7_o 400x225

2384391650_1e9660319b_o 400x225

2384391638_5ec1919bcf_o 400x225

2384386860_ba88865d2c_o 400x225

2384386838_bc6e4b16e3_o 400x225

2384381540_613fd1e87c_o 400x225

2384381530_959d276986_o 400x225

2384357118_1d3f45780f_o 400x225

2384357100_748472214a_o 400x225

2384347344_7457283a9f_o 400x225

2384347334_44f868e18b_o 400x225

2383607533_b18f4db144_o 400x225

2384340420_1db5a6bbff_o 400x225

2384340410_0d4f77e845_o 400x225

2384340404_0b57bab6a5_o 400x225

2384340414_0f3832ac7b_o 400x225

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