Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fins, Feather and Fur Show at Super 7 Pics!!!

IMG_1137 400x533

The Fins, Feather and Fur show at Super7 was a raging success!! Good times, great art, a couple of RealxHead Minis and the first toy from the Super 7 x Secret Base Voo Doo set makes for an outstanding Saturday no matter how you cut it. Above, Josh Herbolsheimer, Leecifer and Andrew Perry are the three amigo artists featured on this night.

IMG_1141 400x533

IMG_1142 400x533

IMG_1143 400x533

IMG_1144 400x533

IMG_1145 400x299

IMG_1149 400x533

IMG_1139 400x533

Contrary to popular belief, the chicks dig the minis!

IMG_1140 400x533

Bay Area Skull Krew discuss who is bidding on what on eBay...

IMG_1154 400x533

It's sooo fucking awesome to be Glenn!

IMG_1158 400x533

IMG_1159 400x299

IMG_1160 400x533

IMG_1161 400x299

IMG_1163 400x299

IMG_1164 400x533

IMG_1165 400x533

IMG_1168 400x533

Josh has mad skillz...check the detail. that's my thumb for size comparison. Sorry for the thumbprint!

IMG_1169 400x533

IMG_1170 400x299

IMG_1171 400x533

Our old Skullbrain banner!!

IMG_1173 400x299

I think the bottle opener is over.....there!

IMG_1174 400x533

IMG_1177 400x533

IMG_1179 400x533

Who wants one of these things? We've got a ton laying around here!

IMG_1184 400x533

IMG_1185 400x299

haahaha. check out Glenn in the middle

IMG_1186 400x533

Brian, Dora and baby Ava make an appearance

IMG_1188 400x533

Jesse Hernandez with Brian Flynn

IMG_1190 400x533

S7 Crew: Alex, Brian and Joe

IMG_1191 400x533

Jesse with his first piece of Secret Base!!!

IMG_1195 400x533

Wha? It's over already?

IMG_1193 400x299

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