Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Soul of Chogokin Black Serena!!!

TOY-RBT-0196_02 400x493

It's been a while since there has been a SOC worth posting about. But this Black Serena from the series Nadesico finally breaks that black streak. I don't know much about Nadesico, but I do kinda dig this mech design. Slightly organic looking, bulky, kinda got that dragon thing going on. I like it. It will run you about a $100 which is still not bad considering there is some die-cast in there...

Pictures appropriated from AmiAmi

TOY-RBT-0196_01 400x504

TOY-RBT-0196_04 400x474

TOY-RBT-0196_09 400x597

TOY-RBT-0196_16 400x597

TOY-RBT-0196_11 400x597

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