Monday, April 14, 2008

Ojo Rojo Tuesday!!!!

IMG_2917 400x599

I think Martin Ontiveros new Ojo Rojo by Gargamel is contender for Toy of the Year. I love this guy. Next to Skullwings, this is the only other toy I would go complete on. ok, maybe add RxH minis to that list, but still... Ojo Rojo KICKS ASS!!!

Here is my take. Inspired by the amazing custom Ojos by Naoya and Yutaka of Gargamel.

IMG_2923 400x599

IMG_2938 400x599

IMG_2918 400x599

IMG_2916 400x599

IMG_2932 400x599

IMG_2933 400x599

IMG_2928 400x599

Probably one of my favorite pieces in my entire collection period. Ojo Rojo painted by Yutaka.

IMG_2842 400x599

IMG_2844 400x599

IMG_2849 400x599

IMG_2845 400x599

IMG_2853 400x599

IMG_2851 400x599

Finally, the Jolly Green Giant Ojo Rojo!!! lol....This is just an amzing production paint application. Gargamel RULES!!!

IMG_2857 400x599

IMG_2859 400x599

IMG_2864 400x599

IMG_2867 400x599

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