Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paul Kaiju Custom Kikaideroid II....!!!!

IMG_2686 400x599

The legendary Paul Kaiju kills it once again with this custom RealxHead Bigaro. I swear Paul could do his Kikaider paint job on a empty roll of toilet paper and I would still want to buy it. Look at the details on this guy. The masking, the pipe cleaners in the fin, the wiring...PK rules.

I think it's a childhood thing. My first introduction to Japanese Superhero culture was a Kikaider pencil case in the 1st grade. I've been hooked since then.

IMG_2687 400x599

IMG_2695 400x599

IMG_2696 400x599

IMG_2697 400x599

IMG_2699 400x599

IMG_2690 400x599

IMG_2685 400x599

Here are a couple of pics from PK himself. I dig Gidget...

Kikaideroid II II 400x533

Kikaideroid II I 400x533

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