Monday, April 21, 2008

Bwana Spoons Steven the Bat Metal Mini by Fully Visual!!


I just picked up my first metal figure by Fully Visual. It's Bwana Spoons Steven the Bat. I have to admit that I dig this little metal version just as much as his larger vinyl sibling. It's got a ton of character. He's a wee lad at just around 3" inches tall but solid hand cast metal. Sweet. The price is pretty reasonable as well. Check it out. From Fully Visual:

A small, one man, operation specializing in fine hand cast metal figures and other cool items designed by your favorite artists. These limited edition figures are cast from meticulously hand sculpted prototypes, meeting the exact specifications of each individual artist. All characters/figures are the property of their respective trademarks and copyrights and owned solely by the artists as named.

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