Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One-Up 7th Anniversary BLObPUS DX Preview!!!!

BLObPUS_DX7th-1 400x299

Holy tentacles!! I knew One Up 7th Anniversary BLObPUS DX was gonna be sick, but no idea how sick. Check this guy out!! Some kind of fluorescent pink paint in a marbled design over some kind of clear vinyl shown here glowing like nuts under a black light. Will be released in Mid April for 7,000 yen....!!! Insane!!!

UPDATE: Mikeee somehow managed to get this photo of the 7th Anniversary BLObPUS in normal lighting. I have to say, I dig the glow under the blacklight. I might just have to display it this way all the time....lol...! Thanks for the pic Mikeeeeee!

f_IMGP6431m_5f66996 400x400

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