Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

3122296342_15519182e7 375x500

I was going to make a special holiday card with some cool Japanese toys, but since I saw these, I decided to steal them instead! This awesome Mini Zag above by Joe Wu.

Melek Taus

IMG_2726 400x299


holiday11uz1 400x316

Toygraph Ape Troopers Mizaru 1 & 2

Toygraph Space Trooper Mizaru

Together at last! The Ape Trooper head designed by Mark Nagata in collaboration with Toygraph. The red version is the Max Toy Co. version and the blue one is the recent Rotofugi version. Both of these kick ass.

Toygraph Space Trooper Mizaru

Toygraph Space Trooper Mizaru

Toygraph Space Trooper Mizaru

Toygraph Space Trooper Mizaru

Toygraph Space Trooper Mizaru

Toygraph Space Trooper Mizaru

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pimp Meister Many Mey!!

IMG_5230 400x599

Finally finished my entry for the "Popsoda 6th Anniversary Dynamite Custom Show" to be held at Super Festival on January 11th. Artists and colourizers from around the world have been invited to participate in this international show which will begin in Tokyo, come to America and then finish up in Popsoda's home town of Osaka. It's an honor to be included in this show and I am eternally grateful.

For this custom, I decided to try my hand at the bling-bling technique of flatback rhinestones. Normally reserved for teenage girls and their mobile phones, rhinestones can really add a bit of bling to anything. In this case, nearly 3,000 Swarovski crystal rhinestones were sacrificed for "Pimp Meister Many Mey". Although time-consuming, perhaps not as long as one might think. As you go along, you get into a rhythm which becomes quite therapeutic.

Pimp Meister Many Mey is supposed to be a Pimp, but the results may be more Mardi Gras Liberace instead...!! Lol.....!!

IMG_5231 400x599

IMG_5223 400x599

IMG_5229 400x599

IMG_5219 400x599

IMG_5216 400x599

IMG_5214 400x599

IMG_5215 400x599

IMG_5212 400x599

IMG_5210 400x599

IMG_5207 400x599

IMG_5201 400x599

IMG_5200 400x599

IMG_5202 400x599

Thanks again to Datadub and Hossy from Popsoda for putting this custom show together. There is a special blog dedicated to the Popsoda Dynamite Custom Show: Many Many Many Mey

Many Mey Show flyer 400x717

Friday, December 19, 2008

New RealxHead Naked Akro Kaiser and Bigaro

081218-3 400x499

It's official! You saw pics of the new RealxHead Bigaro below, but I haven't seen this new naked fuchia Akro before. Love it, love it. Naked Akros are high on my priority list. Might I dare say more so than the venerable Chaos? Yes! Put painted shorts and a scarf and I think it's a winner. We should be able to pre-order these guys any day now...

081218-1 400x499

Toygraph LED Mizuru and Captain Set!

CAPLED2 400x533

Although I have a not so small army of Space Troopers, More Troopers are always welcome especially if they are in cool colorways and have neat gimmicks like LEDs. Check out the next addition: LED Captain! C'mon, these guys look pretty damn good together...!

CAPLED1 400x533

Dengeki Hobby Exclusive Revoltech Black Overman Gainer XAN

ro3 400x383

Spied on Tomopop via ESP Visuals, we see this re-paint of the Revoltech Overman King Gainer. This time it's in glorious metallic blue with a huge Samurai sword. What's not to like? Well, sadly it's one of those Dengeki Hobby Magazine mail order exclusives. It will be out in March and if you wanna throw down almost $50, you can pre-order through Play Asia. I like it. I want it.

9773-550x-XAN_Back 400x473

ro2 400x304

ro4 400x397

Kurogane No Line Barrels (Iron Line Barrels) 1/144 Apparecion

TOY-RBT-0566_02 400x600

Check out another very cool mech design from the new anime, "Kurogane No Line Barrels" (Iron Line Barrels). As I mentioned in this first post, the mech designs remind me of the classic PS2 game "Zone of Enders". Mecha buddy Akum6n from RobotxMonster confirmed it is the same designer Tsutomu Suzuki.

This particular design has a grungy, minimalist, military feel. Sadly, like the first post, this is a kit. It would take some time, patience and talent to make the kit look like these pictures. Sadly, I have very little of either so I will wait patiently as hopefully a line of toys will be made.

TOY-RBT-0566_11 400x582

TOY-RBT-0566_08 400x509

TOY-RBT-0566_13 400x390

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LASH Custom Slumlord for Popsoda Many Mey Show!!

3112464583_93ebbbdc82 400x533

LASH is quick to the punch with his entry into the Popsoda Custom Many Mey Show to be held at Super Festival on January 11th, 2009 in Tokyo. I love the paint application, but I feel itchy just looking at him!

3113296634_10a23b006c 400x533

3113294438_2339a4f2ae 400x533

3112466153_597b4ce437 400x533

Super 7 Snakes of Infinity Hawaii Ooze Bat!!

3116664552_767c646399_o 400x452

Just in time for that winter trip to the islands, Super7 is releasing this "Hawaii" colorway of their Snakes of Infinity Ooze Bat! This one is balmy hot! Get it on December 27th at 11am at Super 7!

Paul Kaiju Custom Gargamel Kikaidazag!

3072054782_9d9b5fd232_o 400x609

Paul Kaiju is at it again. This time with a full size Gargamel Zagaron. Kikaida Rules!!

3071217697_9eb30389d9_o 400x601

3071217565_54ac169860_o 400x534

Toygraph Space Troopers Sneak Peek!!

m1led1 400x533

a few new figures on Toygraph's blog. Above is the Max Toy Co designed Mizaru with clear red head and LED? Nice!

m1led2 400x533

Then we have two colorways of the new alien from the 1959 Japanese Sci Fi movie "Battle In Outer Space". I like both, but the orange really stands out.

N3 400x533

N4 400x533

N1 400x533

N2 400x533
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