Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dead Presidents Custom Rumble Monsters at Hobby Complex Show Dec. 21st

3104724047_18785f0864_b 400x258

From Dead Presidents:

Dark Side Hero x Dead Presidents custom painted RADD. Limited to 4

3105555792_8de96f626b 400x322

3105556600_cf05ff0505 400x348

3105555898_6c32a66b31 400x308

3105556180_5abb5d4bdd 400x368

3104724165_b228b125b5 400x338

December 21st Hobby Complex Tokyo Show. I will be releasing a new Rumble Monsters x Dead Presidents Dragon Engines colorway. Titled "Back -n- Black" Limited to 5. Custom metal pinstriped lunch box as packaging for the Dragon Engine

3104723373_ee18fb336a 400x249

3104723461_642900793e 400x316

3104723307_1ed336d3fe 400x310

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