Friday, December 12, 2008

Fully Visual x Gargamel Fine Metal Mini Zags

metal zags 400x220

It looks like our new kaiju prayers have been answered with fine metals with this collaboration between metalworks Fully Visual and our favorite Japanese toy maker Gargamel. Not only do the look to be 1:1 scale of the uber popular Mini Zag, two of the colorways are handpainted by our own Paul Kaiju.

Six extremely limited colorways:

* Hand Painted by PaulKaiju RED/GREEN limited to 10 $160 (limit 1 per customer)

zagoran_red 400x419

* Hand Painted by PaulKaiju BROWN/BLUE limited to 10 $160 (limit 1 per customer)

zagoran_brown 400x419

* Gold limited to 15, $150

zagoran_gold 400x419

* Black Nickel limited to 15, $140

zagoran_black 400x419

* Copper limited to 25, $120

zagoran_copper 400x419

* Silver limited to 25, $99

zagoran_silver 400x419

Available Monday @ 11am PST at Fully

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