Friday, December 19, 2008

Kurogane No Line Barrels (Iron Line Barrels) 1/144 Apparecion

TOY-RBT-0566_02 400x600

Check out another very cool mech design from the new anime, "Kurogane No Line Barrels" (Iron Line Barrels). As I mentioned in this first post, the mech designs remind me of the classic PS2 game "Zone of Enders". Mecha buddy Akum6n from RobotxMonster confirmed it is the same designer Tsutomu Suzuki.

This particular design has a grungy, minimalist, military feel. Sadly, like the first post, this is a kit. It would take some time, patience and talent to make the kit look like these pictures. Sadly, I have very little of either so I will wait patiently as hopefully a line of toys will be made.

TOY-RBT-0566_11 400x582

TOY-RBT-0566_08 400x509

TOY-RBT-0566_13 400x390

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Selph said...

Hi there,

I found an online episode if you wanna check it out:

Keep up the amazing work for 2009....Love your blog!

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