Tuesday, August 28, 2012


BLObPUS x Grody Shogun

Check out the latest offerings from BLObPUS!!!

BLObPUS x Grody Shogun

BLObPUS x Grody Shogun

BLObPUS x Grody Shogun

BLObPUS x Grody Shogun
BLObPUS x Grody Shogun

BLObPUS x Grody Shogun
BLObPUS x Grody Shogun

BLObPUS x Grody Shogun
BLObPUS x Grody Shogun

New Enma..!
BLObPUS x Grody Shogun



Harold is growing on me. I like this red version. The way his head tilts gives him a bit more character. Kinda like WALL-E.

Unfortunately for all you Real Steel collectors, MIDAS was up and now it's SOLD OUT.

Collection Intervention: Does This Show Help or Hurt Us?

Wanted to see what you guys think about this show. I've watched two episodes now. The first one which featured a Star Wars Super Collector had a nice cameo of Omar at Doublepunch and later, featured our very own Brian Flynn as the "Buyer" helping the collector unload some of her stuff. In this case, a single Wickett figure.

My issue with the show is that it seems to assume that there is something wrong with each of the collectors. I believe the intention is genuine, but when you have collectors having a nervous breakdown and crying, i'm not sure selling off all their stuff that took years to collect is the right answer.

The format seems to be the same: Hot chick from Christie's comes into the house and marvels at the collection. Notes there is a problem and immediately prescribes an instant sell-off to help the collector and collector's mate to live in a world with less stuff around. I don't know, but it seems like the bigger issue is between the collector and their other half. Why marry a collector if you're not into the collection?

Anyways, the show revels in the drama showing the collector having a nervous breakdown when experts are moving stuff around and then when they actually have to part with some of their collection. Of course in the end, they show pictures of a wonderfully clean house with a lot less clutter and proclaim success. Like some evil spirit has been exorcised.

I say fuck that.

GANGNAM....Nooooo.... GUNDAM STYLE!!!!!

GANGNAM STYLE..!! No... It's GUNDAM STYLE...!!! hahahaa.

If you want to go insane, listen to this 100 times over. I kinda like it. hahaha. The original mega viral, super monster hit below

Jet Engine RC Batwing...wow.

Check out how this thing flies below. wow... It looks like it uses a hair dryer as it's engine. kind of sounds like one too. lol....

Live Action Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter...!!

want more? How about Batman vs Capt. America?

Friday, August 24, 2012

SHOHEI OTOMO: Fools Paradise at Backwoods Gallery

Shohei Otomo: Fools Paradise at Backwoods Gallery


Backwoods Gallery, in collaboration with Lesley Kehoe Galleries, is proud to present a visceral and energetic snapshot of modern Japan though the eyes of illustrative genius Shohei Otomo.

Working mostly in ballpoint pen, Shohei Otomo’s insightful depictions of Japan expose both its commercial facade and deepest underground culture. Delivered with an unmistakable level of biting political analysis and technical perfection, Shohei’s work straddles the worlds of art, graphic design, anime and punk.

Son of the legendary Katsuhiro Otomo the prolific author and illustrator who has shaped so much of Japanese culture with titles such as AKIRA, Shohei’s work takes his fathers legacy into the next generation.

We are exceedingly proud to be exhibiting new, unseen and familiar works by Shohei Otomo, all originals insanely rendered in ballpoint pen, limited edition prints by the artists will also be available.

For Shohei Otomo, Backwoods is working with Lesley Kehoe Galleries, Australia’s leading gallery for Japanese contemporary art, located in the Melbournce CBD.

Opening Night
Friday 7th September 6PM-8PM
7th – 28th September 2012

On display Monday to Friday : 11an ~ 6pn
Saturdays : 12pm ~ 4pm

Lesley Kehoe Galleries

Shohei Otomo: Fools Paradise at Backwoods Gallery

Shohei Otomo: Fools Paradise at Backwoods Gallery

Shohei Otomo: Fools Paradise at Backwoods Gallery

Shohei Otomo: Fools Paradise at Backwoods Gallery
Shohei Otomo: Fools Paradise at Backwoods Gallery

MVH x Martin Ontiveros "Mollie"

Martin Ontiveros x MVH "Mollie"

Martin Ontiveros x MVH "Mollie" Only 5 of these bad boys. Lottery is already over. Hope you won. Sorry if you didn't

Martin Ontiveros x MVH "Mollie"
Martin Ontiveros x MVH "Mollie"

Martin Ontiveros x MVH "Mollie"



ok motherfuckers, who is ready to melt some servers? the KAWS COMPANION: RESTING PLACE figures goes on sale at 9am PST Friday at www.kawsone.com. I fully expect the internetz to be brought to it's knees tomorrow. Good luck to all.

MONSTER WORSHIP x FIG-X x Johnny Ryan Cannibal Fuckface Toxic Sludge ver????


Whoa..! datadub just posted up this insane new colorway for MONSTER WORSHIP x Johnny Ryan Cannibal Fuckface. Toxic Sludge ver? wtf? digging the green, and purple.


Tim Biskup "Doom Loop#19" Print


Published in assosiation with Art & Council
Archival Print on 255g Somerset Velvet Paper
Signed & Numbered Edition of 20
Paper Size: 40" x 30"
Image Size: 24" x 31.5"

Ballers Get it HERE

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lionsteel PM-1 For Sale

Lionsteel PM-1
Lionsteel PM-1
Lionsteel PM-1

Features multi-ground black-coated Sleipner Steel blade
ambidextrous thumb studs
glass breaker pommel
reversible pocket clip
nylon sheath

Overall Length: 8.25"
Blade Length: 3.4"
Blade Thickness: 0.137"
Blade Finish: Black
Handle Material: Black G-10
Weight: 7.6 oz.
Made in Maniago Italy

$350 plus 3% paypal fees. Shipping CONUS included.
send email to toybotstudios@yahoo.com

BLObPUS x Mark Nagata x TAG Alien Argus Blind Bag Edition..!!

BLObPUS x Mark Nagata x TAG

Toy Art Gallery is proud to team up once again with the one-and-only BLOBPUS to create a special run of Blind Bag Alien Arguses! Over 8 different variations are possible with many being 1-offs or editions of 2, all hand-painted by Blobpus in his inimitable style. Alien Argus is designed by Mark Nagata and produced by Toy Art Gallery. He stands over 10 inches tall and features 10 points of articulation.

Blobpus Alien Argus is sold randomly via blind bag and is available for $125 each this Wednesday, August 22nd at 12PM PST, in-store at TAG’s retail showroom and at shop.toyartgallery.com!

KAWS Companion Resting Place Preview..!!


Who doesn't want another Companion? This Dissected Companion is resting as if on a picnic....lol... According to KAWS Facebook page, it's dropping this week. ¥25,200 at Originalfake which puts it at around $325 when it hits KAWSONE.com. I'm wondering if it's in the same scale as the original Dissected or smaller? For this kind of money, I hope it's the same size. The problem when then be about real estate as it will take up a lot of shelf space. I like it and will probably try to get one, but not holding my breath as the Kawsone servers will probably melt as usual. Looking forward to the black colorway.

KAWS Companion Resting Place

KAWS Companion Resting Place

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance New Trailer

New trailer for MGS: Revengeance.

Microtech Giant Halo Review by The Edge Observer.

haha. this is pretty cool. not only for the ridiculous Microtech Halo, but mostly for the semi-serious review by knife review site The Edge Observer

Written, filmed and edited by Ben Petersen. Narration and post-production color by Andrew Gene of the Edge Observer.

Thank you to Andrew for his willingness to collaborate on this project. When I pitched this idea to him, he was totally on board with a parody of his style and he offered valuable advice to make it look good. He is extremely talented and having his insight and expertise on this project was crucial. In post, he worked color miracles with the footage I sent him. If you're not familiar with his work, it's worth your time to check it out: www.edgeobserver.com. He is running the classiest outfit in the knife community.

Worlds Smallest Space Invaders Stand Up Arcade?

hmmmm.. interesting. I like it. But too small for 1/6 figures. Too big for 3 3/4 figures. good for 1/12th scale figs.

Plastic Army Men: The Battle of the Little Desktop

Green army squad took up a position and dug in on little desktop. As they waited for dust off of a fallen soldier, they were attacked by an entire brigade of tan army encamped by the printer. With little ammunition and heavily outnumbered, the green army fought valiantly until they could be rescued by air support.

This video is dedicated to the men who died defending little desktop.

Tai Chi 0 Trailer

Steampunk Martial Arts Epic..!!! Looks good. Out in October.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WINNERS!!! Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

random number

Thank you for all the interest... wow...!!! Lot and lots of entries. Maybe we should make more...! The Winning Number is 38..!!!!

Hang Chang gets Orange..!
Vinc get Blue..!!
Jerry gets Black..!!

I will be sending out the invoices tonight via paypal. You have 24 hours to pay or the next closest number will be notified and your entry null and void.

thank you!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong..!!

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Master artist and customizer Todd Robertson dropped off these Mecha Bootleg Kongs the other day. These are just amazing in person. Painted with Monster Kolor, they really pop against the incredible detail of Todd's signature mecha, cyborg treatment.

There are only three of these for sale. We are going to hold a lottery to purchase them. The price will be $300 each which includes shipping in the United States. International shipping will be additional.

RULES for Lottery Submission:

1. Only serious buyers need apply.
2. Send an email to toybotstudios@yahoo.com with "Mecha Bootleg Kong Lottery" in the Title before Wednesday, 6pm PST
3. Include your name and Skullbrain alias (if you have one)
4. A number between 1 and 50
5. Your colorway preference (Blue, Orange or Black)
6. The winning number will be picked using Random # generator on Wednesday, August 15th at 6pm PST.
7. The person with the closest number will have first pick of colorways, the 2nd closest number will choose next and so on.

Good Luck..!!!

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Todd Robertson x toybot studios Mecha Bootleg Kong

Paul Kaiju, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Elegab and Eric Talbot: "Summers Cauldron" Show at FOE

Summers Cauldron at FOE
Eric Talbot

August 10-September 9. Opening reception Friday, August 10 6-9pm.

FOE goes big for their last show at the Pleasant St Location. 3 top indy toy designers from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (CT), Paul Kaiju (CA) and Elegab (JPN) are teamed up with local favorite Eric Talbot. Expect plenty of illustration, one-offs, mash-ups, short runs and many more surprises. Come out see the art, say goodbye to 28 pleasant and hear more about our move to Main St.

Rounding off the edges



Sea of love

Exclusive Yokai Doratabo by Sunguts. Available now for $70 at FOE
Summers Cauldron at FOE
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