Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Frenzy at toybot studios..!!

Friday Frenzy

High time that I thin the collection. I'm going to try and post up a few figures every friday and see how this goes. The first five are up on my webstore at or just click the "SHOP" button on the right.

Grumble Toy x Amapro Exclusive Saihatari: $75
Friday Frenzy

Siccaluna Koubo Mini Doral: $69
Friday Frenzy

Emupaiya Heater Clear Blue: $69
Friday Frenzy

Monster Worship x Jeff Lamm Crystal Grease Bat: $65
Friday Frenzy

Kaiju Ken Mini Set Ltd Edition Metallic ver.: $123
Friday Frenzy

3A WWR MK3 Bertie Daywatch Edition..!!

3A x Ma.K Krote

3A x Kow Yokayama Ma.K KROTE Coming!!

3A x Ma.K Krote

Although it was announced a while back, it's still pretty exciting to think about a collaboration between 3A and Maschinen Krueger Master Designer Kow Yokoyama. There are no pictures of what the toy will actually look like. I'm wondering how stylized Ashly will get. I'm going to guess, not that much, but we will see. Real images and more info soon..!

Personally I find the KROTE and odd choice. I would have much preferred one of the Ma.K more iconic figures like one of the armored suits such as Fireball, but I suspect Ashley wanted to do something completely different which is cool.

These are just EXAMPLES of the Ma.K Krote kits so you have some idea of what this figure might look like.
3A x Ma.K Krote

3A x Ma.K Krote

3A x Ma.K Krote

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Ramsay and Podgonauts Collaboration

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

Ramsay (description by Cris)
Designed to look like a Panda, this was at the specific request of a chain of theme restaurants who wanted all their robots to cook, serve and look like animals while doing it. Outfitted with a splash-guard to stop him getting prawns in the face and a big-ass jetpack, Ramsay was often in the air as each restaurant was a huge bio-dome, complete with trees, plants and running streams. The tables themselves were little open-top pods, hovering around the landscape, allowing diners take in the view while their robot chef cooked down below and jetted up with their orders. Ramsay's programming was simple and he was good at his job...

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts
Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

Wait a minute... where did those orders go? He put them right here...

Podgonauts (description by Podge)
The first batch of Podgonauts are rearing to go! These fine lads of the Panda Exploration Core are equipped with everything they need for their top secret mission. High powered Jetpacks, advanced spacesuits and more courage then you can shake a stick at! What secret mission are they about to embark on? Stay tuned to find out!"

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts
Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

As part of the collaboration, PodgyPanda has been working on some fantastic artworks that will be turned into high quality lithographic prints by! They'll be released shortly after the resin and feature a number of panels that stand alone in their own right, but that together tell more of the story. Prices are very affordable, around the $20-25 mark and will see one released every month.

Once announced, all prints will be available directly from PodgyPanda's store.

As a little extra, here's a couple of sketches!
Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

Release Details
Released on April 5th, both first editions are limited to just 5 each and sport very similar colours. Both are the same size and weight at 3" x 3.5" x 3.5" and 250g (9oz)

Ramsay Edition A comes in Tangerine Orange with articulated head and removable dome, priced at $160 each.

Podgonaut Edition A comes in the form of the Panda Exploration Core, dressed in Jumpsuit Orange each with a laser engraved disc embedded in their chest. They also have articulated head and removable dome, but every single face is unique! Not only that, but one lucky buyer will find their Podgonaut comes with a chase in the form of a little suited Monkey mechanic in matching colours and a rusty finish applied by Cris! All this for the great price of $130 each.

Along with the Edition As, I will be releasing a very limited run of 3 "Dark Chocolatier" Ramsays for $190 each photos of which will be shown on the day. PodgyPanda will be releasing a number of one-off Podgonauts too, numbers and prices TBA, but they will go up along side his Edition As.

All versions of Ramsay will be available at

All Podgonauts and future prints featuring both characters, will be available

TAD x Fellhoelter FRH2 Titanium

TAD x Fellhoelter Titanium
TAD x Fellhoelter Titanium
TAD x Fellhoelter Titanium

For your drooling pleasure. The latest collaboration between TAD x Fellhoelter FRH2 Titanium folder. I had this in my cart, but too slow on the keys and it was pulled out.

But trenton111 was luckier..!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bounty Hunter x MISHKA x L'amour Supreme Death Adder T-Shirt

Bounty Hunter x MISHKA x L'amour Supreme

Nice new collaboration between Bounty Hunter x MISHKA x L'amour Supreme. Death Adder T-shirt... sick..!!!

Bounty Hunter x MISHKA x L'amour Supreme

CARNAGE Custom Show by Bwana at Grass Hut.


Yeah, let's see some custom Deathras..!!

Rockin' Jelly Bean Devil Man Silkscreen Poster

Rockin Jelly Bean Devil Man

Spied on Bounty Hunter Blog. This one looks better than mine. The skin is more purple.

3A x REAL STEEL AMBUSH Pre-Order April 16th at 5pm PDT

3A x REal Steel AMBUSHRS

Pricing info coming soon. I like this design and robots are cool and all, but I guess since I haven't seen the movie, I'm not very attached to the character. Looks pretty detailed though. Maybe 3A should include a mini Wolverine

Prometheus Trailer: Wondercon Exclusive

I really hope that after all this hype, the movie lives up.

Painting the Nurgle Reaver Titan: Part 2

Looks pretty cool. Part of the Warhammer universe so you know this is a ridiculously huge piece. It can barely fit on the table for crissakes..!

NUIverse by David Brown: Microsoft x Samsung Surface Table
Demonstration of the NUIverse application designed by David Brown for the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface.

The future is now..

Shogun Warrior Commercial 1976

The scary thing is that I remember this commercial as a kid.

Interesting tid bit: the French are some of the most die-hard Jumbo collectors around.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


RESTORE Kingdom Mind Sofubi

RESTORE's KINGDOM MIND Sofubi is coming out April 2nd. This toy is shaping up. Looking forward to seeing the paint application. The crown, key and book will be cast in resin. I believe it's 9" tall without the crown. still not sure how I feel about the eyeballs. but think they come out. You can pre-order yours at Lulubell Toys

RESTORE Kingdom Mind Sofubi

CURE x James Groman Brain Bug Boogie-Man...!!

CURE x James Groman Boogie Man

What the fuck is this??!! We've known about this Cure Toys collaboration with monster master James Groman for a while now, but this is the first picture i've seen. Holy crap this is creepy looking. Brain Bug says it all. Some nutty insectoid squishy brain head. Interested in seeing what the gimmicks and accessories will be.

Looky Looky: Camo Four-Eyed NagNagNag

Camo 4-eyed NagNagNag

Shigeru is taking the same Camo paint application last seen on MISHKA's Kaiju Bootleg and applying to this hairless four-eyed Nag.

Let the freak-out begin...!

wow... Sand Flea Robotic Car can jump over 30 feet straight up!!!

Holy crap this is amazing. But if the idea is get this car on the roof so it can do some patroling with a video camera, wouldn't it be just as easy to throw it up there?

Sand Flea is an 11-lb robot with one trick up its sleeve: Normally it drives like an RC car, but when it needs to it can jump 30 feet into the air. An onboard stabilization system keeps it oriented during flight to improve the view from the video uplink and to control landings. Current development of Sand Flea is funded by the The US Army's Rapid Equipping Force. For more information visit

Total Recall Trailers

Hmmmm, not sure how I feel about the Re-do of Arnold's classic "Total Recall". It was a decent movie and definitely an iconic Sci Fi movie for what it was, but not in the same league as "Blade Runner" for example. So with that said, I guess i'm all for a re-telling of the story with modern special effects.

The Complete Batman Window Cameos

Hilarious. Great trip back in time.

A compilation of all 14 window cameos from the 1960s ABC TV series Batman. Almost fifty years later, some of these folks are still remembered today--Others, not so much.

Jerry Lewis
Dick Clark
Green Hornet (Van Williams) and Kato (Bruce Lee)
Sammy Davis Jr.
Jose Jimenez (Bill Dana)
Howard Duff as Detective Sam Stone on "Felony Squad"
Colonel Klink (Werner Klemperer)
Lurch (Ted Cassidy)
Don Ho
Andy Devine as Santa Claus
Art Linkletter
Edward G. Robinson
Suzy Knickerbocker
Carpet King (real name unknown)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SKINNER x L'amour Supreme x MISHKA x adFunture Kaiju Bootleg

SKINNER x L'amour Supreme x MISHKA x adFunture
SKINNER x L'amour Supreme x MISHKA x adFunture

Another impressive four way cluster hump including the legendary SKINNER x L'amour Supreme x MISHKA x adFunture Kaiju Bootleg. I'm digging the colorway. The chest is the best. Like to have seen a bit more colors on the head and legs. thanks for the pics Hateball.!!

SKINNER x L'amour Supreme x MISHKA x adFunture

SKINNER x L'amour Supreme x MISHKA x adFunture

Martin Ontiveros Custom T-Shirt Le Turd and Mini Painting Sets for Sale!!

Martin Ontiveros T-Shirt Le Turd Sets

These rule and are a great deal. Plus Martin will ship SAME DAY..!! That alone is worth it. I should buy all three.

Custom Killer T Le Turd AND a fancy 4x4 inch mini painting of the shirt design. $180, and same day shipping. FOR REALS. Contact me.

Martin Ontiveros T-Shirt Le Turd Sets

Martin Ontiveros T-Shirt Le Turd Sets

Monster Pants Sea-Borg Captains

Monster Pants Sea-Borg Captains
Monster Pants Sea-Borg Captains

Once the sole inhabitants of a planet covered entirely in water, the beings that would become known as the Sea-Borgs were an advanced and peaceful race. Then one day an army of Invaders attacked their world, stripping it of its valuable natural resources and nearly wiping out the worlds' undersea civilizations. The survivors from the various kingdoms banded together, rebuilding their ruined bodies with cybernetic weaponry and armor in order to combat the alien attackers who continue to exploit and pollute their world.

Meet the Sea-Borg Captains:

The leader of the aquatic race charges into battle with his mighty hook weapon!

A master of stealth, Mist's specialty is covert missions to the ocean surface with his aqua-blaster.

Armed with his diving blade, Abyss lurks in the deepest, darkest trenches of the ocean floor.

These first three Sea-Borgs are available now as 4.5 inch plastic resin figures from MonsterPants Toys. All are handmade and packaged by filmmaker, writer and artist James Felix McKenney. The toys are can be purchased individually for $20 each or $50 for the set of three at the MonsterPants Shop:

Quantities are limited, so be sure to order yours today!

More to come at

CYBERPHUNKK Custom Alien Bio Mecha Kong

Cyberphunkk Custom Bio Mecha Kong

ok, this thing is so over the top, I have to post. I love the detailed paint application and the bio extras to make this one of the most impressive Kong customs i've seen. Buy it for $300 at Cyberphunkk's link below.


mixed media on custom vintage toy 1980′s circa Imperial made King Kong. The Story Comes alien race of bio mechanical parasites decides to take over earth. using its world most powerful creatures and monsters to their advantage by taking over their bodies and bio mutating them into hardwired killer alien bio machines set to destroy the humans and conquer earth.

Cyberphunkk Custom Bio Mecha Kong

Cyberphunkk Custom Bio Mecha Kong

Cyberphunkk Custom Bio Mecha Kong

Cyberphunkk Custom Bio Mecha Kong

Cyberphunkk Custom Bio Mecha Kong

FPS Russia: Custom M14 Juggernaut

oh, man...custom guns is something I definitely don't need in my life. But look at this shiny and bling..!

Andrew Dickey: Bicycle Parkour

This dude has some serious skillz and hops with his mountain bike. wow...

Monday, March 26, 2012

3A WWRp MK3 at Bambaland Store Now!


On sale now for $70 at Bambaland Store

The Incredibly Detailed Art of Mike Sutfin

Art of Mike Sutfin
Art of Mike Sutfin

Mike Sutfin is one of the most incredible artists around today. Just look at the insane detail he put into this embellished "Red Herring" giclee.

What about this motorcycle helmet for ICON Motorsports code name: "Pleasure Dome"
Art of Mike Sutfin

Art of Mike Sutfin

Art of Mike Sutfin
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