Friday, March 30, 2012

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Ramsay and Podgonauts Collaboration

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

Ramsay (description by Cris)
Designed to look like a Panda, this was at the specific request of a chain of theme restaurants who wanted all their robots to cook, serve and look like animals while doing it. Outfitted with a splash-guard to stop him getting prawns in the face and a big-ass jetpack, Ramsay was often in the air as each restaurant was a huge bio-dome, complete with trees, plants and running streams. The tables themselves were little open-top pods, hovering around the landscape, allowing diners take in the view while their robot chef cooked down below and jetted up with their orders. Ramsay's programming was simple and he was good at his job...

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts
Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

Wait a minute... where did those orders go? He put them right here...

Podgonauts (description by Podge)
The first batch of Podgonauts are rearing to go! These fine lads of the Panda Exploration Core are equipped with everything they need for their top secret mission. High powered Jetpacks, advanced spacesuits and more courage then you can shake a stick at! What secret mission are they about to embark on? Stay tuned to find out!"

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts
Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

As part of the collaboration, PodgyPanda has been working on some fantastic artworks that will be turned into high quality lithographic prints by! They'll be released shortly after the resin and feature a number of panels that stand alone in their own right, but that together tell more of the story. Prices are very affordable, around the $20-25 mark and will see one released every month.

Once announced, all prints will be available directly from PodgyPanda's store.

As a little extra, here's a couple of sketches!
Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

Cris Rose x PodgyPanda Podgonauts

Release Details
Released on April 5th, both first editions are limited to just 5 each and sport very similar colours. Both are the same size and weight at 3" x 3.5" x 3.5" and 250g (9oz)

Ramsay Edition A comes in Tangerine Orange with articulated head and removable dome, priced at $160 each.

Podgonaut Edition A comes in the form of the Panda Exploration Core, dressed in Jumpsuit Orange each with a laser engraved disc embedded in their chest. They also have articulated head and removable dome, but every single face is unique! Not only that, but one lucky buyer will find their Podgonaut comes with a chase in the form of a little suited Monkey mechanic in matching colours and a rusty finish applied by Cris! All this for the great price of $130 each.

Along with the Edition As, I will be releasing a very limited run of 3 "Dark Chocolatier" Ramsays for $190 each photos of which will be shown on the day. PodgyPanda will be releasing a number of one-off Podgonauts too, numbers and prices TBA, but they will go up along side his Edition As.

All versions of Ramsay will be available at

All Podgonauts and future prints featuring both characters, will be available

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