Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bay Area Skull Krew Tradefest!!!!

IMG_1126 400x557

Today is a special day. It is the first offical gathering of the new solidified Bay Area Skull Krew (BASK). We represent the Bay Area membership of the infamous Skullbrain . Of course, San Francisco is also headquarters for our sponsor and toy dealer Super7. Were official cause Lokash above made a BASK T-shirt. We celebrated the official formation of our Krew by taking over the Japantown Mall with Tradefest!!! Three tables of tradebait just waiting for a deal.

IMG_1124 400x533

Were toy geeks and not afraid to fly our colors!! l2r: coasterbear, newbie tofu, whthalo, gatchabert, lokash, xoconostle.

IMG_1127 400x533

uberboy was cool enough to whip up some handmade BASK T-shirts for the event. Thanks uberboy! Ben has a shirt to go with his hair....

IMG_1131 400x533

IMG_1121 400x533

We also had two great Gargamel releases including this sick blue mini zag and a full color Ojo Rojo!!!

IMG_1120 400x533

IMG_1115 400x533

digging the dino!

IMG_1130 400x533

IMG_1123 400x299

Ben and Jeremy haggling out the deal...

IMG_1114 400x533

IMG_1132 400x533

Thursday, March 27, 2008

toybot studios custom mini RealxHead "Flip Flop" Mutant Head!!

IMG_2703 400x599

It was inevitable. Custom mini RealxHead figures. I would love to re-paint all my custom RealxHead figures in mini size if possible.

IMG_2704 400x599

IMG_2702 400x599

IMG_2706 400x599

IMG_2701 400x599

IMG_2716 400x599

Lost at Sea: T-28

_44515251_plastictoy 400x591

Excerpted from BBC News: "Diary from the Middle of Nowhere"

Our environment correspondent David Shukman is on the remote Pacific island of Midway to report on the threat of plastic rubbish drifting in the ocean. Plastic debris collects around the island, scene of a seminal World War II battle, with serious consequences for its wildlife. David will be reporting on the issue this week for the BBC website, radio and TV.

Anyone missing this little toy, some kind of futuristic space warrior? I found it on a beach during a clean-up operation.

It has a lot of miles under its belt - it must have travelled across a great tract of the Pacific Ocean to get here.

How do I know? Well, for one thing there are no children on Midway and haven't been for years.

Also, it was buried amid a vast tangle of fishing nets, bottles, computers, crates and baskets, all of which had drifted here on one of the world's great ocean currents, the North Pacific Gyre.

Like something out of the film Toy Story, this little figure must have spent months at sea, surviving storms and maybe even being swallowed by an albatross and fed to a chick that then died.

Who knows? Maybe a child dropped it overboard during a holiday cruise. Or it was chucked into the rubbish and somehow got swept into the sea.

Maybe a household in Japan or California was having a spring-clean and, with the children growing up, the toys were no longer wanted.


Thanks Darky and Paul for surfacing this interesting article!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Atomic Mushroom Combat-R Zero Ready to DEPLOY!!!!

IMG_2681 400x599

The dream of one Robert De Castro has finally been realized! His toy company Atomic Mushroom is now online and accepting orders for the amazing Combat-R Zero Robot. I have been looking forward to this toy since forever and my other toys are shivering on the shelf as these guys approach! When my set arrived in a TV size box, I knew this was serious business. Although I have seen size comparison shots, nothing prepares you for the mass of vinyl that is Combat-R Zero. Not only are these guys HUGE, they are HEAVY. They are 2 or 3 pounds each!! Best toy value pound for pound out there. In hand, they feel solid, they look amazing, the quality is very high, paint applications very good. Nice articulation. I'm a fan and so should you be. I'm bummed that there are no clears, but really looking forward to future colorways or even better, a VILLIAN Mech!! Congrats Robert for making a dream become reality!!!

IMG_2610 400x599

IMG_2620 400x599

Size comparison to Bigaro

IMG_2623 400x599

IMG_2634 400x599

IMG_2630 400x599

IMG_2641 400x599

IMG_2648 400x599

IMG_2645 400x599

IMG_2649 400x599

IMG_2657 400x599

IMG_2660 400x599

IMG_2667 400x599

IMG_2664 400x599

IMG_2673 400x266

Bwana Spoons Black Tiger Killer!!!!!

blacktigerthrashoutqa3 400x243

Bwana Spoons is keeping that Killer train going with his latest colorway: Black Tiger Killer!! Looks to be black and gold on clear grey vinyl...! Looks awesome. They will go on sale this Friday around noon, so best be ready...

2363351674_f44b8d5a63_o 400x219

2363352968_375e394115_o 400x225

2363351924_d10c5d9308_o 400x225

2363352638_78b0eed05d_o 400x225

2362521119_b583c3fb80_o 400x227

2362520471_00799bc73b_o 400x225

One-Up 7th Anniversary Extravaganza!!!!

one up 7th Anni 400x543

One Up celebrates it's 7th Anniversary!! Happy Anniversary Ken!!! What would an Anniversary be without Anniversary exclusives??? Ken has seven!!

Touma rainbow Skuttle

IMGP6372 400x400

Touma x BLObPUS Anniversary Crossfire

SKxDOC_02-2 400x400

GID Lamp Fulcraim

rantan-1 400x559


IMGP6334 400x491

Itokin Park GID Ghost Himalan

new_color_2 (2) 400x400

mystery BLObPUS DX...

BLObPUS-dx 400x352

Plus another yet to be revealed special guest release!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bwana Spoons Custom Itokin Park Mikazukin!!!

IMG_2595 400x599

Not only is this Bwana Spoons custom Itokin Park Mikazukin my favorite Bwana Spoons piece, one of my favorite custom pieces, it's just plain one of my favorite toys...!! This is one of those pieces that you could look at every day and see something different. I love it. Thank You Bwana!!!

IMG_2570 400x599

IMG_2572 400x599

IMG_2575 400x599

IMG_2590 400x599

IMG_2576 400x599

IMG_2591 400x599

IMG_2582 400x599

IMG_2593 400x599
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