Thursday, March 06, 2008

Balls Out Show @ Grasshut Sneek Peek!!

ballsout1_sm567 400x390


Hello Grass Hut peeples,

The Balls Out opens Friday at 6pm.

This is the biggest craziest show we have ever put together and it is in our newer bigger brighter space. We have been honored by all our art buddies, really too many to list (like 60) who all went crazy sinking all their energy into one solid piece for the show. I hope you can come here in person and see it all, every square inch. If not all the art will be available online the day after the opening.

This is a once in a life time show and we couldn't have done it without all our friends helping out. So thanks.

You can go to our new site if you want to know more.

-Scrappers, Bwana, Martin, Apak, Le Merde and the whole god damned gang.

811 East Burnside
Portland OR 97214

I'm pretty excited about The Balls Out Show at Grasshut tomorrow. Not only are there a TON of mega talented and cool artists participating, one of own Josh Herbolsheimer from Super7 gets called up to the Big Show where he frankly deserves to be. When you look at his painting above, not only does he deserve to share wall space with these other famous artist, it's clear that Josh is destined for great things as well. Congrats Josh!!

griffintheendosaur 400x400

Bwana 400x389

scrappers 400x394

image (3) 400x400

image (2) 400x404

grasshut 400x224

image (4) 400x224


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