Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bay Area Skull Krew Tradefest!!!!

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Today is a special day. It is the first offical gathering of the new solidified Bay Area Skull Krew (BASK). We represent the Bay Area membership of the infamous Skullbrain . Of course, San Francisco is also headquarters for our sponsor and toy dealer Super7. Were official cause Lokash above made a BASK T-shirt. We celebrated the official formation of our Krew by taking over the Japantown Mall with Tradefest!!! Three tables of tradebait just waiting for a deal.

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Were toy geeks and not afraid to fly our colors!! l2r: coasterbear, newbie tofu, whthalo, gatchabert, lokash, xoconostle.

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uberboy was cool enough to whip up some handmade BASK T-shirts for the event. Thanks uberboy! Ben has a shirt to go with his hair....

IMG_1131 400x533

IMG_1121 400x533

We also had two great Gargamel releases including this sick blue mini zag and a full color Ojo Rojo!!!

IMG_1120 400x533

IMG_1115 400x533

digging the dino!

IMG_1130 400x533

IMG_1123 400x299

Ben and Jeremy haggling out the deal...

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IMG_1132 400x533

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