Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ghostfighter: Rest In Peace....

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With a heavy heart, i'm sorry to report that Ghostfighter is dead. The very last Ghostfighter created by Brian Flynn in collaboration with Secret Base will be the St. Patrick's Day Ghostfighter. To many of us, this is a very sad occassion because it was the Ghostfighter that was the introduction to new Japanese vinyl toys. This is a sad day indeed. But why not go out in style, eh?

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Super7 is hosting a contest for your interpretation of how the Ghostfighter died. It can be either written or an illustration posted HERE. You have until 5pm Monday, March 17th to submit. If you are one of the two lucky winners as chosen by Glenn Pogue, you will receive an uber limited un-painted version of the St. Patrick's Day Ghostfighter.

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So here is my entry:

There once was a man named Flynn
Whose Fighter went East to win
Although two heads are better than one
Double the whisky gets done
Thank you’s been fun.

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