Monday, March 03, 2008

Saturday at Super 7!!

IMAGE_029 400x533

Last Saturday I forgot to bring my camera so please forgive these crappy mobile phone pictures. Even post-processing cannot help! As you can see, Underwater Attack Squirm was released. Clear blue vinyl with navy blue boots and blue spray.

Alex showing his approval for the new Squirm

IMAGE_024 400x533

Hiro wonders if Squirm can help put out the fire at the hotel across the street?

IMAGE_023 400x533

Wait! Fire Dept, Squirm is coming to the rescue!!!

IMAGE_025 400x533

Squirm saves the day!!!

IMAGE_026 400x533

Invisible Zagoran, Squirm and Gotchagon??

IMAGE_019 400x533


IMAGE_021 400x533

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