Thursday, March 06, 2008

Toy Roadshow: Kick's Hobby Seattle!!!

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Whenever i'm up in Seattle, I try to make it by Kick's Hobby. It's a great little store focusing on Japanese toys (as opposed to anime) and seems to have a pretty loyal local following. If you're a "Guntoku", you will be in luck here as they specialize in all manner of Gundam kits and figures. Owned by TFormers and SIC Super Collector Siu Wai Ho, Kick's is my kind of store. The day I visited, the manager, Jose was un-packing around 20 large boxes he just received from Japan. They get on average 7-10 boxes a month filled with all kinds of toys and kits so you know keep it fresh. The variety is impressive and although competition from other online stores is daunting, Kick's Hobby customers are loyal and often know when a new shipment has arrived. I've said it before, there is definitely something to be said about visiting and supporting our local toy stores. They are a dying breed, but without them, we would not be able to wander the aisles and check out all the Japanese toys in person. You never know what you mind find. There is also a sense of fraternal geekdom that develops from hanging out every saturday at the store with the usual suspects discussing the finer points of this paint application or color variation.

If you read this post and are near Seattle at anytime, it's worth checking out Kick's Hobby!!

Kick's Hobby
543 NE Northgate Way Suite L
Seattle, WA

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Jose next to 4' tall Char Zaku.

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