Monday, March 10, 2008

Rainbow Chaos at Super 7!!!

IMG_0911 400x533

The Rainbow Chao was released in very limited quantities last week at Super7. It's pretty cool but at first glance, it looks very similar to the one of the Fighting Spirits Chaos. However, upon closer inspection and comparison, you can see that The Rainbow Chaos has a much more varied accent sprays in a multitude of colors...hence the name. duh... I dig it, but although we have the new Kamen Rider Evil and the Bigaro in the green Bigaroid colorway, and the bubble Mutant Heads, how about some love for the Akrokaiser? Clear Akros, anyone?

Although there was quite a few Skullbrainers that showed up last Saturday, the mood was definitely tense. Many didn't get the Rainbow Chaos in time so seeing bastards like me flaunting it around didn't help. There wasn't any new releases that magically showed up on the shelves either because the RealxHead shipment didn't arrive yet. Essentially it was a frustrated bunch of toy geeks pacing around the store hoping that the mail truck would arrive with our next fix. It was ugly... hopefully next week is a different story....

Setyourgoals is determined to have the biggest hair by SDCC!!

IMG_0910 400x533

Whthalo impersonating Kim Jong Il...

IMG_0912 400x533

IMG_2391 400x599

IMG_2393 400x599

IMG_2396 400x599

IMG_2398 400x599

IMG_2395 400x599

IMG_2390 400x599

Separated at birth?

IMG_2400 400x599

IMG_0907 400x533

see? chicks dig toy geeks too!

IMG_0914 400x533

IMG_0915 400x533

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kirkland

Great photos. I never even realized that they had this at S7! It looks so great. I hope they get more of these guys in... can't believe the limitations on this beauty...


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