Thursday, March 20, 2008

Koji Harmon Glow Gala Customs!!!!

2321170726_aa1e573556_o 400x299

Koji Harmon aka Comet Debris is in the GID mood with this amazing series of Glowie Toys painted in beautiful pastels just in time for Easter!! If interested in purchasing, contact him through his blog!!

2323099405_f1482d48d7_o 400x533

2326152785_c3f76c010e 400x299

2328985902_b8f4ea11bd_o 400x533

2328992270_2d64397253_o 400x533

2329019474_d176e50dd2_o 400x533

2330522267_5bfcb42c36_o 400x533

2332157299_1e28437f3e_o 400x533

2345329610_d676de181d_o 400x533

2340580872_c1b02e4d07_o 400x533

2340170285_017098c78f_o 400x299

2337188392_9574a3e355_o 400x299

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