Monday, March 10, 2008

White Day Visighost at Super 7!!!

white_visighost_sm 400x522

White Day is upon us and if you were lucky enough to receive a Valentine's Day gift then two words should be rattling around in your mind, Sanbai Kaeshi. That's right, you owe "thrice the return" so you better find something good or you might not be anyone's Valentine next year.

Shiny rocks and stinky plants are obvious choices but have you considered vinyl! Of course not just any vinyl will do, so we present the White Day Visighost. The milky white vinyl is opulent enough to make an old marshmellow maker blush.

This 9" figure, designed by Brian Flynn, is translucent white vinyl with haunted gray highlights. White Day Visighost will be offered for sale at $65, Friday March 14th, at 11am at the Super7 Store.

This White Day don't just give a present. Give your spirit or at least its ghost.

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