Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bwana Spoons Black Tiger Killer!!!!!

blacktigerthrashoutqa3 400x243

Bwana Spoons is keeping that Killer train going with his latest colorway: Black Tiger Killer!! Looks to be black and gold on clear grey vinyl...! Looks awesome. They will go on sale this Friday around noon, so best be ready...

2363351674_f44b8d5a63_o 400x219

2363352968_375e394115_o 400x225

2363351924_d10c5d9308_o 400x225

2363352638_78b0eed05d_o 400x225

2362521119_b583c3fb80_o 400x227

2362520471_00799bc73b_o 400x225

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