Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cure "King" Oni Boogieman!!!!

kingboogieman 400x534

Could this be the best Boogieman ever? I dunno, but i'm digging this guy a lot. Aside from the day glo orange with the LED inside, he's got chains and a CAPE! How cool is that. Produced by Cure Toys in collaboration with Secret Base, this guy is sure to get a ton of attention at Superfestival on Sunday when he's released.

Original Fake Rules for buying Kaws Stormtrooper on Saturday!!

15q5jyc 400x332

Trying to make if difficult for flippers and try to ensure real fans get the Kaws Stormtrooper, rules were released as to how the lottery for a specific date and time for entrance into the store were released. Assuming you get a lottery ticket and you're still around for the date and time you are allowed entrance to the store, there is no guarantee there will be any left for you to purchase. Sounds crazy, but everyone is gonna be crazy together waiting in line to get a lottery ticket. I personally like it. Since I managed to get the Vader through a rad Skullbrainer, i'm compelled to get this guy as well.

2prbmdh 400x880

Le Merde @ Rotofugi, October 10th!!

vanfar_online 400x517

Le Merde is getting around!! Check Mike out at our favorite toy store in the midwest, Rotofugi!! From the looks of things, a couple of new characters to add to the resin jungle??!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Gargamel Drops September 27th!!!

f_tokojim_76da4da 400x532

Just as were rolling into Thrashout this Saturday, Gargamel is conveniently releasing their latest batch of goods including the first Super7 Zombie set. While i'm relieved it's not orange and black, the silver and red is an interesting change of pace. Looks appropriately like they are henchmen in a bad Sci-Fi movie or something. The first zombie called Ooze Bat is designed by Chanmen. Kiyoka designed the mummy zombie next one down. Koji designed the Tokoji Zombie as well as the nice blue Tokoji Seijin above. Thanks for the corrections Koji!!

f_photo07m_5a29421 400x532

f_photo04m_9c85398 400x532

f_photo10m_25a3a84 400x532

f_photo01m_88dd9d9 400x532

f_mummym_b2db0e2 400x532

f_zagplanem_e461323 400x532

f_deathram_a941f42 400x532

f_hedoranm_9f1e0dd 400x532

Monday, September 22, 2008

Spray, Splattered, Brushed, Rubbed and Ruined Custom Show by LASH at Super 7 October 11th

2871525634_e1473e735e_o 400x285

I love the title to LASH's first ever solo show at Super7 on October 11th. If anything LASH has paid his dues and this solo show finally acknowledges his superb talents. The show's title reflects the somewhat anti-custom sentiment on Skullbrain, but that hasn't stopped LASH from turning out amazing custom after amazing custom. As I look around my shelves, I have more than a few LASH customs and plan to acquire more at this show. Congratulations LASH. Well Deserved. Fuck the haters.

Skull Toys x EXOHEAD Skullrex Pictures by Clone666!!

f_DSC00983m_b982c4c 400x533

Fellow 'Brainer Clone666 took these absolutely amazing shots of the Skullrex set I recently painted. I have to admit it's very fulfilling seeing such wonderful pictures of toys I painted. Thank you Clone666...

Everytime I look at these pics, I hear the theme song for "X-Files".

f_DSC00985m_7102648 400x533

f_1m_fd706d4 400x398

f_DSC00986m_1690119 400x533

f_DSC00982m_955059f 400x582

My favorite pic isn't even one of the Skullrex. It's this Red Baron!!

f_DSC00984m_72ebff9 400x533

Dead Presidents Custom Itokin Park Himalan!!

2869363286_aa55d91b85_b 400x320

It appears more Japanese designers think Matt Walker aka Dead Presidents custom stylings go well on their toys. Case and point, Itokin Park commissioned Matt to paint three Himalans for his private collection. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Some of Matt's best work here.

2869363222_a3a550046d_b 400x344

2868534125_4b24aea43b_b 400x197

2868533857_59630185e5_b 400x275

2868534025_ef357ac09d_b 400x475

2868533967_633f504ffe_b 400x358

Kaws Stormtrooper Sneak Peek!!!

2873624019_9ed01eb0d9_o 400x359

Looks like Kaws is following up on his Vader from last year with the predictable Stormtrooper. Original picture from hkanytime and masterfully re-done in Photoshop by Andy over at ToysREvil. I've got the Vader and I like it. Will definitely be looking to pair him up with a Stormtrooper. Love to go big with two, but that would be asking too much...Original pic below.

maxthonshot092008103642gd8 400x584

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Secret Base Customs by Hellopike!!

microbrains 400x292

A few more Secret Base customs by custom fanatic hellopike!! Great job Phil! Love the Microbrains!! Back by popular demand is the Caution Damage Brain!!

caution 400x400

Here is what a proper Great White Sharman looks like!!

sharkman 400x400

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mark Nagata Custom Ojo Rojo!!

2864518196_dede5f39c3 400x533

Speaking of Mark Nagata from Max Toy Co, here is his beautiful custom Gargamel Ojo Rojo designed by Martin Ontiveros. Lovely.

2864518392_b36e3a0724 400x503

2864518320_dbb5a43975 400x531

2864518232_707c955318 400x576

2863685683_c8f1c33f38 400x362

Real x Head / Zakkamono Exclusive Hawaiian Devil Dogs!!


Kaiju dream team Rae and Zakka from Zakkamono are releasing an exclusive Hawaiian RealxHead Devil Dogs set. From Zakkamono:

I am excited to announce 2 exclusive very limited edition Cyclops & Oni Dogs by Realxhead of Japan for Zakkamono. Each stands 7" tall and comes in bag with header card. It is limited to only 20 sets and goes on sale Sept. 20, 2008. Click on the link above to purchase.

CYCLOPS DOG01A 400x533

ONI DOG01A 400x299

RXH DOGS04A 400x299

Here is Zakka on the left and Rae on the far right. Max Nagata and Mark's wife in the middle.

IMG_1068 400x299

Me, Mark and Zakka at Toy Karma Show at Rotofugi last year.

IMG_1070 400x299

New Marusan Clear Tinsel Grand King!!!

13505 400x400

Super7 has the new Marusan Grand King up for Pre-Order right now. I like it a lot, but sort of wish it had a bit more color to it. I dug up these pics of the clear red version I have and was contemplating trading. Luckily the Tradee didn't want it. Looking at these pics, not sure what I was thinking trading him...Mechanized giant monsters are cool.

IMG_4472 400x599

IMG_4476 400x599

IMG_4477 400x599

IMG_4474 400x599

IMG_4475 400x599

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dead Presidents Limited Edition Darkside Hero RADD!!

2860712451_5142dd7e0f_b 400x345

Dead Presidents has yet another Limited Edition run of custom toys. This time with Darkside Hero and their Stars Wars influenced RADD!! Matt used his new "Realistic Skin" technique which is intended to appear reptilian and grimey. Nice job Matt!!! Limited to only 10 pieces for $110 each, it's first come first serve. You can purchase yours by clicking HERE

2860712529_d81dcbd15c_b 400x321

2861540582_2ec909935e_b 400x564

2861540240_eb7c74f9bb_b 400x383
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