Monday, September 15, 2008

Dead Presidents Custom Skullwing!!

IMG_4513 400x599

Here is the absolute latest from Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Designs. This guy is a doozy. I asked Matt to paint over the clear purple Skullwing, but leave areas see-through and pinstripe over that. One of my very favorite pieces. Thanks Matt! The Skullwing designed by Pushead and produced by Secret Base is the ultimate Fight Figure.

IMG_4494 400x599

IMG_4493 400x599

IMG_4483 400x599

IMG_4486 400x599

IMG_4500 400x599

IMG_4489 400x599

IMG_4482 400x599

1 comment:

hellopike said...

Whew! that is so Bad Ass! Damn thats a nice skullwing! I gotta get a DP piece! wow

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