Sunday, September 14, 2008

Super 7 Saturday, Sept. 13th Fall Cleaning Sale!!

IMG_0669 400x533

This last Saturday was the Fall Cleaning Sale at Super7. The table was filled with a ton of great toys that had been misplaced or taken from Hold Boxes or just found lying around in the back. There were quite a number of toys that I jumped up and down to get when they first came out. Many I paid much more for. It was a bit odd because as we all stood around the table, we all looked at each other and agreed that there were some good toys, but nobody really needed them. There were a ton of great RxH minis, the full size S7 RxH set which is stuff of legends. The RxH Bruised set, GID Onihead, Forest Secreter and these awesome Dark Side Suits above.

IMG_0666 400x299

IMG_0664 400x299

IMG_0665 (2) 400x299

IMG_0676 400x299

Shannon got a Strawberry Longneck for *ahem*...Aaron's pink collection.

IMG_0670 400x533

Now that Aaron is a S7 Employee, can his hair get any bigger?

IMG_0673 400x533

Alex is no longer low man on the totem pole. He celebrates with the PumpkinFrank

IMG_0674 400x533

IMG_0672 400x533

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Andy Chang said...

I wish my fall "garbage" looked like this!

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