Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Max Toy Co. x Plaseebo: Eyezon vs. Night Gamer!!!

electroAeyezon-cu 400x551

On Wednesday, September 17th, Mark Nagata of MAX TOY Co and Bob Conge of PLASEEBO will release a joint custom set, "Eyezon MEETS Night Gamer". An Ultra Limited edition of only 10 sets world wide.

Mark hand painted 10 custom Plaseebo Night Gamers and Bob hand painted 10 custom Max Toy Co Eyezons.

The Nagata custom Night Gamer is 7" high in white glow in the dark vinyl with fumed red glass inset eyes and is signed and numbered by Mark.

The Conge custom Eyezon is 10" high in clear vinyl with numerous inset plastic eyes and is signed and numbered by Bob. *And both the Eyezon and Night Gamer have a motion activated color changing LED unit inside.

The figures will be offered on a first come first served basis as a *set of the 2 figures *(1 Eyezon and 1 Night Gamer) The set is priced at $620. shipped.

*Those purchasing the set of 2 figures will also receive a complementary signed limited edition 16" by 18" color giclee print of Conges' Eyezon drawing.

To order: please send an email to Bob at; bob@plaseebo.net
Or visit the MAX TOY website; http://www.maxtoyco.com/main.htm

electroAeyezon 400x579

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Nagata-CUcustNG 400x400

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