Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Toy Goodness From Bwana Spoons and Gargamel!!

2850277792_566de5464b_o 400x682

Bwana Spoons has two new toys coming out. This new Cosmic Eaton will be released tomorrow, Friday, September 12th at around noon? You can buy it by CLICKING HERE

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2840499879_49a0aa8cc5_o 400x608

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The other toy Bwana will be releasing is this ultra cool Globby Set. It will be released as part of his upcoming show titled "Hunt and Gather" in Paris at Artoyz. This is the best Globby yet.

bigbrolittlebro 400x496

globby 400x533

2831501994_c27935764d_o 400x571

Finally, check out this trippy Video Bwana and Scrappers made showcasing some "Hidden Gems"

We just made a little commercial about our secret hidden gems at grass hut. My partner Scrappers and I have been brick and mortar for over two years now. We have had some amazing shows, and amazing shows means amazing artists, and amazing artists, well... Amazing work. So check out the backlog of painterly genius hanging out on our walls at grass hut. Plus, lots of new goodies in the show- Glow Booska, US toys sofubi, Michelle Valigura's plush and metal pistols, perk pioneers, beautiful decay and more.

Grass Hut has Secret Hidden Gems from scrappers on Vimeo.

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