Monday, September 08, 2008

More Ojo Rojo Madness!!!!!

IMG_4544 400x599

Just a few more shots of my latest and greatest Ojo Rojo figures designed by Martin Ontiveros and sculpted and produced by Gargamel. This one is from the Gargamel customs show several weeks ago at Super7. It's a custom by Naoya.

IMG_4541 400x599

IMG_4548 400x599

IMG_4547 400x599

IMG_4550 400x599

Here is the latest Ojo Rojo which was just released this Saturday as an exclusive from Super 7. Notice the signature colorway? I think it turned out pretty good and one of my favorite colorways. Blue Horns would have been a nice little contrast...

IMG_4573 400x599

IMG_4568 400x599

IMG_4571 400x599

Lastly, here is the Jungle Fever version from SDCC08. Faux Leopard Skin skirt hand sewn by Martin himself!!

IMG_4560 400x599

IMG_4561 400x599

IMG_4567 400x599

IMG_4566 400x599

IMG_4575 400x599

IMG_4578 400x599

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Future Man said...

That custom is beautiful!!!! OMG!!!

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