Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Prepare to be Invaded: Toygraph Space Troopers!!!

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The latest object of desire is the Toygraph Space Trooper. First seen at a toy show a few months ago, Space Trooper fever is just getting started. It looks like Toygraph may have a hit on their hands. The first five versions were sold out in 20 seconds and yours truly has only recently been able to acquire a special overseas version shown below. Rumors are that we are about to be invaded with a ton of different versions to satiate demand. This begs the question: is that a good idea? Toy collectors are a fickle bunch and if you give them too much of what they want too soon, they are easily bored. It's a fine line, but bombarding the market with five different colorways in a month is probably not advised. We have yet to see the onslaught from Toygraph, but i'm sure they have been in this business long enough to know how to keep a good thing coming.

For me personally, the size, the humanoid/robotic characteristics are win/win. Combine this with endless permutations using weapons, helmets, heads and suits and I think Toygraph can keep it fresh for a long time coming. At least enough time for me to build an army of 100 or so...lol. Some pictures via the Toygraph blog....

az4 400x320

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This guy with the red eyes in one of the earliest...

0807091 400x533

0807092 400x533

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The came this awesome trio with the different weapons. I still need to get these guys, but I believe only 30 sets were made.

trooper1 400x299

9088268 400x533

9088191 400x533

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Here is a sneak peek at the Captain of the soon-to-be-released "Platoon" which comes with five Space Troopers...

cap1 400x533

Here is one of the Platoon with a new Sword Arm...

sword 400x533

Here are the rest of the Platoon...I like them, but not sure about the yellow...

s1 400x299

And here is my lone Space Trooper. He's wondering when the rest of the guys are going to show up. He's got the GID head with Blue Eyes which is the overseas version. In a few weeks at Super Festival in Japan, there will be a new Astro Zombies version of the Space Trooper released. Beyond that, I hear rumor of even more Troopers on the way!!!

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