Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Hundreds San Francisco Retail Store!!

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I finally got around to checking The Hundreds new retail store in SF on Saturday. Aside from the sign, you wouldn't know it was there cause the windows are all covered. A sliding glass door allows you entrance into a very trendy shopping experience that can be best described as a cave. I have no idea how anyone finds anything they want to buy. It's pretty dark in there. I dig the concept, but i'm really not sure what the big deal is. I realize these kinds of clothes are all the rage on Hypebeast and all that, but I just find the style and colors a bit immature. I'm afraid that i'm showing my age. Perhaps 20 years ago, I would be all over this stuff, but the bomb logo is kinda weak. Anyways, I thought it funny walking out of the store watching these kids (and I mean kids) carrying out bags full of $50 t-shirts with said logo on them. But hey, if you're in SF and a fashionista, drop on by and check them out. Then head around the corner and get some dunks at HUF...

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