Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Super Robot Wars Original Generations!!

TOY-RBT-0452_03 400x507

Spotted this guy on AmiAmi the other night. Looks like a new SRWOG model kit. Not that big of a fan of kits anymore, but these SRWOG mechs are cool. Kinda Gundam, but not Gundam.

Less Armor...

TOY-RBT-0452_02 400x479

Almost Naked...

TOY-RBT-0452_01 400x503

TOY-RBT-0452_04 400x516

TOY-RBT-0452_05 400x517

TOY-RBT-0452_07 400x600

TOY-RBT-0452_08 400x600

TOY-RBT-0452_06 400x400

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish they brought those games over to the states....awesome mech though!

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