Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Custom M1 Go Matango by Matt Walker, Dead Presidents Design!!

IMG_4428 400x599

Here is another custom by Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Designs. Matango by M1 Go. There is some controversy over Matt and whether or not he is simply applying his customs skills on something he knows nothing about. And that his paint application gives no regard to the form or sculp of the actual toy itself. I couldn't disagree more. When I look at this toy painted by Matt, I see the utmost respect given to the designers of the toy. The use of the metallic paints, flake and shading enhance the sculp and make one look at this Mushroom monster in a way you might not have otherwise. To each his own, but I really find it hard to be believe that anyone could see this toy and not think it's simply beautiful.

IMG_4430 400x599

IMG_4433 400x599

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