Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rumble Monsters x Dead Presidents Dragon Engine!!

IMG_4590 400x599

I have something to admit. I never really liked Rumble Monsters Dragon Engine toys. Although they were heralded as the most under-appreciated toy of 2007, I just thought they looked lame as a car and lame as a monster car. Well, I might have changed my tune. Tonight was the first time I actually got to play with one. The simple act of twisting it's head to make it go from Car to Monster converted me. A quick flip of the wrist and you have Transformer action going on. Of course the fact that it's clear and painted by Matt Walker influenced me as well. In Matt's first limited production run of toys, he's collaborating with Rumble Monsters on 50 of these little bastards. Check 'em out. Very cool in-hand.

Rumble Monsters x Dead Presidents Dragon Engine. Limited run of 50. Custom Painted,Pinstriped,Color Change Flakes over a clear vinyl. All come in bags with header card. $110 + shipping. Click on Dead Presidents link above to purchase.

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