Friday, September 19, 2008

Real x Head / Zakkamono Exclusive Hawaiian Devil Dogs!!


Kaiju dream team Rae and Zakka from Zakkamono are releasing an exclusive Hawaiian RealxHead Devil Dogs set. From Zakkamono:

I am excited to announce 2 exclusive very limited edition Cyclops & Oni Dogs by Realxhead of Japan for Zakkamono. Each stands 7" tall and comes in bag with header card. It is limited to only 20 sets and goes on sale Sept. 20, 2008. Click on the link above to purchase.

CYCLOPS DOG01A 400x533

ONI DOG01A 400x299

RXH DOGS04A 400x299

Here is Zakka on the left and Rae on the far right. Max Nagata and Mark's wife in the middle.

IMG_1068 400x299

Me, Mark and Zakka at Toy Karma Show at Rotofugi last year.

IMG_1070 400x299

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