Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brand Fury: "Kicking Funk Like a Shaolin Monk"

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I had a mini Toy Roadshow last weekend. Not only did I hit Super 7, HUF and The Hundreds, I managed to stumble upon Brand Fury which is a couple of doors down from HUF. I'm embarassed to say that although i've seen Brand Fury on the web, i've never actually been to the store in it's five year existence in San Francisco. Partners Benji Wong and Glen Chun have an interesting little spot here worth checking out. One part Munky King, one part Super 7, one part Chinatown DVD store, one part Tower Records Toy Section, Brand Fury has something for everyone and shouldn't be compared to anyone. I met Benji Wong who has to be one of the coolest guys on the planet. He was constanting giving me stickers and buttons while advising me on the latest Hong Kong DVDs to purchase. I ended up buying The Great Yokai Wars and Three Kingdoms. The latter mainly for Maggie Q.

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They have a lot of uber-hip T-Shirts with the all the cool asian slogans like "Eat Rice" as if that needs instructing. I was struck that they had several older toys that you just don't see around anymore either. An older SIC Hakaider for example.

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Next time you're near Union Square, hit Brand Fury, HUF and The Hundreds. It's worth the extra blocks of walking.

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