Sunday, November 30, 2008

Toygraph Limited Production Ape Trooper Designed by Mark Nagata - Rotofugi Exclusive!!!

mizaru1-rotofugi-542x722 400x532

Kirby over at Rotofugi had all of us in a panic last week when he announced pre-order for this Ape Trooper named Mizaru-1 designed by Mark Nagata and manufactured by Toygraph. Personally, I think this is the best looking Trooper yet. Let's see, you've got the Captain's suit with the gold skull on the chest, bloody chain saw and black and blue colorway. What's not to love?

I thought the Red version that Mark sold a few days earlier was the best until I saw this one. I guess i'm just digging the ape head. At $48, these guys are a steal and pretty much Japan retail prices. Hell of a lot better than paying $75-$80. Unfortunately, if you're reading this and wondering how to score, you are too late. The Red Max Toy version sold out to Fan Club Members and it looks like the Rotofugi version Pre-sale is sold out as well.

mizaru_lg2 400x400

mizaru_lg3 400x400

mizaru_lg4 400x400

Sunguts Mucha Festa December 26th-28th

FESTA-post 400x601

Date: 26th ~ 28th of December 2008
Time: 11:00 ~ 20:00
Venue: Design Fest Gallery WEST 2-D & 2-E, Harajuku, Tokyo


Sunguts is going to provide soft vinyl toys, short movies, pictures and drawings for the show.

Admission free.

nise-kitaro 400x533

betazaurus 400x533

uraname 400x160


Kaiju_Business_As_Usualweb 400x555

OPENING NIGHT : Wednesday December 3rd, 2008 8:00pm-10:00pm
ARTISTS SIGNING: Friday December 5th, 2008 8:00pm-10:00pm
KAIJU THEMED COMPUTER MUSIC CONCERT: Saturday December 6th, 2008 8:00pm-10:00pm,

For all info about this event go to: KaijuMonsterInvasion


Photography above is a Brian McCarty portrait of Mark Nagata's Eyezon.

From Harold Golen Gallery

What's is Kaiju? The meaning of the Japanese word Kaiju is Strange Beast or simply a Monster. During the 1960's in Japan, toy vinyl figures of popular Japanese films such as Godzilla (a radioactive lizard) and Gamera (a giant flying turtle) became popular collectibles. Over the next four decades the popularity of Kaiju spread around the world, especially here in America, where renowned Lowbrow/Pop Surrealist artists such as Ron English, Coop, Kozik and Isabel Samaras amassed their own collections of the famed vinyl Japanese monsters. Recently the Kaiju have spread throughout the western world popular culture, their influence can be seen in the emerging popularity of the art toy movement, modern couture and in the artworks of many lowbrow artists from around the world. The concept of the Kaiju show at the art center will be to bring the most exciting and subversive artists from Japan (East) and the United States (West) in a single exhibition that will showcase the various interpretations of the Kaiju in both Eastern and Western cultures. This exciting exhibition, aims to break new ground in the Kaiju art form, while at the same time, honoring the Kaiju rich history. EXHIBITION: The exhibition counts with many of the top exponents of the Lowbrow Pop Surrealist movements. Plus, internationally acclaimed Japanese artists, making this show a rare occasion that brings the best of the East and West interpretations Kaiju.

KaijuMonsterInvation 400x563

Here is Bob Conge's piece: " PLASEEBO - The Awakening " and is inspired by that part in "The Legend of Plaseebo" story where the Mummy of the Japanese Pharaoh of Egypt, "Plaseebo", is awakened and released from his entombment by the two British archeologists who break into his pyramid one a dark night in 1803.

plaseebo1 400x615

plaseebo2 400x555

plaseebo3 400x553

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bop Dragon Mike Sutfin Colorway Saga!!!

IMG_5099 400x599


Perhaps one of the craziest colorways to come out of the RUMBLE MONSTERS stable, this BOP DRAGON MIKE SUTFIN COLORWAY is going to have you scratching your head with variations. All part of the devious plan stirred up at the HOUSE of RUMBLE MONSTERS in Japan.

First, Mr. Sutfin created his colorway and through secret contacts and meetings (yours truly was privy to one such meeting...until they smacked me over the head), passed along the vinyl and paint directions along with special utensils to an agent for RUMBLE MONSTERS. From there....maybe it was the long hours and paint fumes....but it turned out something like this....all in very small (TINY!) quantities:

No Less Than Four (4) Different Versions:

RMxMS_DoubleRmLt 400x400


*MS1 = PAINTED VERSION - Black, Day-glow Red, Silver Metallic and Iridescent white paint. Semi-transparent frosty yellow 'Lemonade' vinyl BOP. Includes both black tampos. Plus, the forehead tampo designs of all these PAINTED VERSIONS have been carefully embellished by Sutfin...with a few 'stitches'. Signed on the foot by Sutfin too!

*MS2 = UNPAINTED LEMONADE 2 TAMPO ONLY VERSION - Includes both black tampos on semi-transparent frosty yellow Lemonade vinyl BOP. There is NO paint on this version.....clean.

japan sutfin bop 400x412


*RM3 = PAINTED NO TAMPO VERSION- Black, Day-glow Red, Silver Metallic and Iridescent white paint. Semi-transparent frosty yellow 'Lemonade' vinyl BOP....with NO tampos.

*RM4 = BLACKENED LEMONADE 2 TAMPO VERSION- Includes both black tampos on semi-transparent frosty yellow Lemonade vinyl BOP. This BOP has black paint sprayed over the entire figure, then wiped off gently leaving some paint in the cracks.

On top of all this.....Mr. Sutfin crafted out a beautiful special header card for all versions (besides the 2 tampo designs)!

Release information:
VERSIONS MS1 & MS2 are now available! contact

VERSIONS RM3 & RM4 will be available at the end of November! check out

IMG_5101 400x599

IMG_5103 400x599

IMG_5105 400x599

IMG_5108 400x599

IMG_5113 400x599

IMG_5107 400x599

IMG_5098 400x599

suftfinheader 400x162

RMxMS_HandbillFin 400x400

Toygraph Limited Production Ape Trooper by Max Toy Company!!!

41c 400x580

Max Toy Co is releasing the latest Space Trooper from Toygraph. This exclusive version has a new Ape head and comes in a bright red vinyl with GID head. Looks awesome!! Offered to Fan Club first and then on to the webstore on Friday if there are any left.

41a 400x563

41b 400x574


Monday, November 24, 2008

Cure 8th Anniversary 0-1000 Boogie Man!!

cure rasta boogie 400x535

wow, with a big nod to the Toxic Phantom Suit, to celebrate Cure Toys 8th Anniversary, we have the 0-1000 Boogie Man!!! From what I can gather, you may purchase the DX version which comes complete with the figure for 16,800 yen, or you can purchase just the Suit alone for 7,800 yen! Both versions will be released on November 30th.

cure rasta 2 400x535

Super 7 x Gorilla Biscuits Full Color!!

3057609544_f2972ae96c_o 400x167

Here is the first shot of the full color Gorilla Biscuits vinyl toy being released in collaboration with Super7. Toy nerds prepare to compete with hardcore punk fans for this one. Toy nerds that are hardcore punk fans rejoice! Available December 2nd at Super 7.

3057521276_b1041f06b9_o 400x533

Custom Darkside Heroes RADD!!!

IMG_5095 400x599

I painted this for a friend on Skullbrain. I guess it has that Amazon Tree Frog look going on which was un-intentional...again. I had fun making the club. I went out picking up sticks with my daughter and she was quite interested in what I was making. When she brought the mace to show her mother, she was told to put it down immediately. lol... There are a lot of nails in this mace and it's quite hefty. I wouldn't want to get hit with it. Sadly there are only certain positions that the RADD can hold it properly. Shown above next to Dead Presidents Custom RADD on a hunt...

IMG_5077 400x599

IMG_5080 400x599

IMG_5072 400x599

IMG_5074 400x599

IMG_5071 400x599

IMG_5088 400x266

Martin and Skinner: "Our Salvation is Your Fiery Death" Show at Super 7!!

IMG_1623 400x533

Saturday was the Martin and Skinner "Our Salvation is Your Fiery Death" Show at Super7. That's a scary title for a crazy show with some amazing artwork. From what I could gather from those in the know, it seems like both Skinner and Martin have evolved their artwork to be more complex and detailed. The theme of the show seemed to be monsters in ancient battles ready to deliver your fiery death. The turn out was a healthy mix of low brow hipsters and the toy nerds. Martin Ontiveros popular Ojo Rojo by Gargamel was re-incarnated on Saturday with a new Zombie head cast in clear glitter grey vinyl. Good times had by all with a bit of something for everyone....

IMG_1594 400x299

IMG_1624 400x533

IMG_1598 400x533

IMG_1593 400x533

IMG_1600 400x533

IMG_1601 400x533

IMG_1602 400x533

IMG_1603 400x299

IMG_1604 400x299

IMG_1605 400x299

IMG_1606 400x299

IMG_1607 400x533

IMG_1608 400x533

IMG_1609 400x533

IMG_1610 400x533

IMG_1611 400x533

IMG_1613 400x533

IMG_1615 400x299

IMG_1616 400x533

IMG_1617 400x533

IMG_1619 400x533

IMG_1622 400x533

IMG_1627 400x533

IMG_1595 400x533

IMG_1630 400x533

3047867291_dd9754d0f3_o 400x533

Martin and Skinner Show from toybot studios on Vimeo.
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