Monday, November 24, 2008

Custom Darkside Heroes RADD!!!

IMG_5095 400x599

I painted this for a friend on Skullbrain. I guess it has that Amazon Tree Frog look going on which was un-intentional...again. I had fun making the club. I went out picking up sticks with my daughter and she was quite interested in what I was making. When she brought the mace to show her mother, she was told to put it down immediately. lol... There are a lot of nails in this mace and it's quite hefty. I wouldn't want to get hit with it. Sadly there are only certain positions that the RADD can hold it properly. Shown above next to Dead Presidents Custom RADD on a hunt...

IMG_5077 400x599

IMG_5080 400x599

IMG_5072 400x599

IMG_5074 400x599

IMG_5071 400x599

IMG_5088 400x266

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