Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mike Sutfin Exclusive Rumble Monsters Bop Dragon!!

BopSorrow2 400x400

From Mike's Blog

Since Pushead's Skeletal Carival 3 during SDCC, RUMBLE MONSTERS and Sutfin have decided to continue their unholy collaboration of vinyl! This time, with iron determination, the two forces have combined their creative energies, giving birth to a new BOP DRAGON COLORWAY. Two extremely limited versions to be released: PAINTED VERSION & Unpainted LEMONADE VINYL 2 TAMPO ONLY. Two original illustrations were created for tampos, which are printed on the forehead and across the belly of each figure. Every Bop Dragon comes packaged with additional new artwork running horizontally on a special header card, with signature. Stay tuned for more fine tuned photos!

RMxMS_DoubleRmLt 400x400

These new exclusive Rumble Monsters Bop Dragons designed by Mike Sutfin turned out pretty sweet (inside joke if you read his blog...) I like the painted version on top of the translucent yellow vinyl plus the tampos on the forehead and belly are siiiiiiick. Very limited amount so you better get on it!!

RMxMS_PaintedSunflare 400x400

RMxMS_PaintSunBelly 400x400

RMxMS_YellowBelly 400x400

RMxMS_HandbillFin 400x400

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