Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gargamel Custom Trade Revealed!!!!

deathra back 400x531

The results are in!!! Thanks go to Joe who coordinated this custom Gargamel Trade. It was a lot of fun and as you can see, there is some real talent out there. Kudos to everyone that painted and sent in a figure! We still don't know who has received what, but everyone is a winner when it comes to this trade. Joe will be shipping out all packages tomorrow so to those that participated, sit tight for your custom!

2971200734_fbccbdc28d_o 400x533

2971197654_dba02acc58_o 400x533

2971196856_6c8af714a0_o 400x533

2970358493_656273c98f_o 400x533

2970357685_47aa1c6691_o 400x533

2970356003_8e6455e67a_o 400x533

2970355301_272774e2d0_o 400x533

2970352983_4bd5e087a8_o 400x533

2970352667_c8a48ec9d0_o 400x533

Some of guys even did a custom header card. Awesome! Wondeful touch

2980901406_61833b57b3_o 400x533

2980900684_33fa6dcf4b_o 400x533

2980044901_20bfaf22bb_o 400x533

2980044687_f7dd05e3a1_o 400x533

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