Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Secret Base x Chris Trevino x Three Tides Tattoo!!!


When the gang from Toy Punks went back to Japan to shoot footage for Toy Punks II, they visited Hiddy from Secret Base and came away with pictures of the new Secret Base figure that has been puzzling collectors for weeks since teaser shots first appeared in Hiddy's blog. Well it turns out that the new toy is a collaboration between Secret Base, Tattoo Artist Chris Trevino and Three Tides Tattoo where Chris was a guest artist. It's based on an illustration by Chris of what seems to be a skeleton monk wielding a butcher's knife. Images from Toy Punks blog and Chris Trevino's website.


Post_1_-Chris_Trevino_Sketch 400x495


Based in Austin, TX, check out Chris' work. What struck me is the insane colors. very bold and bright! I love all the Japanese motifs.

dragon_hand 400x555

hotstuff_2 400x570

blue_dragon1 400x438

bigdragon_back1 400x564

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Unknown said...

It’s very cool to see some coverage on this. Can’t wait to get my hands on one, Chris’s work is incredible and he’s a huge fan of vinyl toys. What a cool collaboration between the 3 titans.

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