Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Action Figures Are Dead

IMG_4989 400x599

But don't tell anyone at World of Warcraft and DC Unlimited. Supposedly the action figure market is dead, dead, dead. But when you see impossibly detailed stuff like this WoW Gnome riding his mechanical Sprocket Gyrospring, you have to wonder if this is really true. I stopped buying action figures long ago, but it's stuff like this that can get me coming back for more. More importantly, this kind of beauty and detail for less than $15? C'mon, you can't go wrong. WoW is coming out with Series 4 now. This figure is from Series 2 just to show you how out of it I am. No, this is not a toys news site. It's a toy post news site...hahaha.

IMG_5006 400x599

IMG_5004 400x599

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