Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Touma Kazu Mouse Show at Paradise Toys!!

ap_F23_20081019070626513 400x399

Touma added another character to his menagerie of hyper-stylized cutesy animals. This time "Kazu Mouse" to go along with the popular "Mao Cat". In typical Touma fashion, he launched the mouse with a bunch of one-off customs at a show held at Paradise Toys in Taipei. I would have purchased the Crazy Kazu, but long sold out... Still several production pieces available for $82 each.

ap_F23_20081019070559275 400x399

ap_F23_20081019070551964 400x400

Not a cat person per-se, but I do like Mao Cat...

ap_F23_20081019070608628 400x399

ap_F23_20081019070617187 400x400

Customs are cool. Where are the Lucha Libre masks????!!!

ap_F23_20081019070346544 400x399

ap_F23_20081019070338153 400x399

ap_F23_20081019070235181 400x399

ap_F23_20081019070224333 400x399

ap_F23_20081019070154801 400x399

ap_F23_20081019070214416 400x399

ap_F23_20081019070144707 400x399

ap_F23_20081019070121205 400x400

How about a custom made Touma luchadore mask for $325??? Order now!!

ap_F23_20081019070105749 400x399

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