Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Kaiju Taro Exclusives!!!!

NY Kaiju Taro Exclu 400x292

I love New Years cause it means all kinds of Japanese exclusives and Lucky Bags!!! For New Years at Kaiju-Taro, this means two awesome exclusives including this black Rumble Monsters Pharon and this crazy RealxHead "Dharma" version Lucky Cat!!!

Both available on Sunday, January 6th at 20:00 Japan Time which is 3am in California!!! The Pharon will retail at 5,000 yen and the Lucky Cat for 4,500 yen.

1004206gdsb 400x601

rxh fortun cat 400x614

Friday, December 28, 2007

More Pushead Handpaints!!!

kVphp1 400x533

When Skullbrain buddy Minh posted up this pic of his newly acquired KvP (Kaws vs Pushead), I was already envious, but when I asked him if I could post this pic, he replied with even more Pushead handpaints and the Raider Skull Pirate for good measure. Now I just plain hate him.

SW_HP 400x533

SP_hp2 400x533

SP_52w 400x533

kVphp2 400x533

Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary Kubricks!!!

IMG_1419 400x599

c'mon! Has it really been 20 years? Geebus, it only seems like yesterday when I first MGS on the PS....1 lol!!! Ground breaking game. I'm a big fan of MGS Kubricks too. But this 20th Anniversary set is the best yet. It contains what could be my all time favorite Kubrick which is Raiden. From worst in MGS2 to first in the upcoming MGS3!! From lame-ass to bad-ass in just one game!! lol!! His visor lifts up to reveal his intricate headgear. But the best are his katana swords. They both fit into his teeny tiny scabbards around his waist. too cool... Around $50 for the set of 5. Invisible chase figures not included.

IMG_1392 400x599

IMG_1399 400x599

IMG_1402 400x599

My second favorite Kubrick in this set is Snake with Voodoo mask. I dug the outfit in the game and usually wore the mask.

IMG_1405 400x599

IMG_1407 400x599

IMG_1410 400x599

IMG_1412 400x599

IMG_1414 400x599

IMG_1417 400x266

Thursday, December 27, 2007

BLObPUS Lucky Bags for 2008!!!

blobpus lucky bag 400x299

ok, hold the phone! Check out these unbelievable Lucky Bags from BLObPUS!!! The first picture is not representative of what you will necessarily get, but a teaser to show you what you might get. I believe each Lucky Bag will contain 3-4 random figures. I'm super loving the new BLObPUS DX painted figures above. Put me down!!! Also part of the New Year's BLObPUS extravaganza is a collaboration with Skull Toys with these wonderul sets below....!!!! I want them all!!

dokurox vs. dokugan set 400x298

dokurox vs. blobpus 400x310

dokurox vs. docross 400x315

Gargamel "Invisible Kaiju Pack '08" Lucky Bag!!!!

26997b5d 400x299

Oh man, oh man!! Check out this little beauties!! Gargamel is teaming up with a whole gang of toy companies to produce these painted and un-painted mini figures called "Invisible Kaiju Pack". Figures include a Rumble Monsters clear purple Mini Damnedron, BUSTER CALL electric Beetlar, Gargamel crouching mini Zag, Charatics Mini Bander and Sunguts flower guy....

It looks like they will be included in this giant M1 egg with a print! Best collaboration of 2008 so far!! Sounds like this will be one of two Lucky Bags being released from Gargamel this year. This Invisible Kaiju Pack featuring all of the five companies above will include random rare or chase figures (meaning the ultra rad painted versions above). The other Lucky Bag will feature painted and un-painted Gargamel figures. Both will be available in full effect from Super7 will plenty to go around!! yay!!

35682209 400x299

d3e9bf57 400x533

1dc9bd73 400x533

Touma x Ultraman Mini Figures Preview!!

ultratouma_ultra_b 400x191

Touma is releasing a set of stylized mini figures of the megapopular Ultraman characters. I like them and since they are mini figures, they will fit right into my collection, but other die-hard Ultraman fans are not as positive. Now if Touma released these in clears, I think all will be forgiven!! You can pre-order the set from Ken's new One Up online store for 4,200 yen.

ultratouma_monsters_b 400x392

New Years Killer J x Skull Toys Exclusive!!!

killerj9 400x545

Here is the latest colorway just in time to usher in the New Year from Killer J. Lucky for you, you can order this directly from Super7 

killerj10 400x499

New Monstock Beetlar from Buster Call!!

20071224234046 400x533

Check out this new Beetlar which is a collaboration between new comer BUSTER CALL and MONSTOCK which seems to be the online prescence of ultra popular Anraku Ansaku. I'm digging the clear green. Now this looks like a beetle!

20071224234114 400x533

Secret Base "Full Color" Usugrow Rebel Ink Figure!!

usugrow full color 400x306

I'm not sure "Full Color" is the right term here, but we have the 3rd incarnation of pen and ink artist Usugrow's Rebel Ink figure by Secret Base. Clear grey vinyl painted with black and white accents, if you were lucky enough to get a hold of one, it would have cost you just over $100. Sorry, long sold out in Japan. I heard a rumor that since Usugrow's art is all black and white, all of his figures will also be limited to these colors. does that mean no clear blue Usugrow figures? that would be a bummer...

usugrow side 400x302

usugrow front 400x302

Holiday Greetings From Your Favorite Toy Companies!!


Holiday Toy Cards are fun! Here are some from your favorite toy companies and blogs! I like this very nice personalized one above from Andy over at ToysREvil

Here's one from Max Toy Co

Max_Toy_Xmas2007_picture 400x434

Koji Harmon aka Cometdebris

DSC06680 400x299

Old School Retro from EXOHEAD

f0011990_11531749 400x323

Check out this Kaiju-inspired ginger bread house by Paul Kaiju

2131026189_eb6413a562_o 400x601

Klim over at Big Shot Toyworks and Ashley Wood at AshleyBambaland send this card featuring Bertie in a Santa outfit!

2007bstwcardfq6 400x533

Toby aka Devilboy and his upcoming Saddest Devil send this card

HH_2007 400x299

Happy Holiday from Bob Conge at Plaseebo

Christmas Mummy  400x716

From one of my favorite artists, John Lacko advocates saving the ginger bread man!


Friday, December 21, 2007

L'amour Supreme x RealxHead T-Shirt Preview!!


Check out this insane T-Shirt design by L'amour Supreme and Mutant Massacre as part of their RealxHead Ultimate Fan Package. Flash them RxH signs!!!


Note: final version will be a dark shirt with print in light color.

Beyond Hypothermia Custom Gargamel Mini Zag

IMG_1348 400x599

Had an extra blank Gargamel Mini Zag lying around so I thought I would give it the treatment. Originally I was going to match the colorway on the RxH Blue Ryusei Ninja, but when I tried it out, it just didn't look right. I just wasn't feeling the red and black for some reason. So I just went for more blue. I took the blue one more level...

Beyond Hypothermia is an awesome Hong Kong action flick featuring a bad-ass female assassin that gets caught up in a gang war. Worthwhile checking out.... What does this have to do with a mini zag? absolutely nothing. The zag looks frozen and so this movie title came to mind.

IMG_1337 400x599

Another interesting sidenote is that I dig the way the eye came out. but it was really a result of an accident. While I was using a paint pen to color the eye red, I pushed on it too hard and the paint flooded out filling up the entire eye socket and spilling just a bit on both sides. I thought it looked cool, so I let it dry and then used a little gold frost to highlight the center.

IMG_1350 400x599

IMG_1344 400x599
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