Sunday, December 16, 2007

L'amour Supreme x RealxHead Ultimate Fan Package Revealed!!

2113402063_8beeb463db_o 400x299

L'amour Supreme released a sneak peek shot of the upcoming Ultimate RealxHead Fan package. It consists of a GID Mutant Evil and Mutant Head in old-school style colorways, an amazing color plexi-print and a T-Shirt produced by partner in crime, Mutant Massacre. The whole package is $250, but only 20 sets were made and already long sold out. Upset fans of both L'amour Supreme and RealxHead are getting the molotov cocktails ready for the riots that are about to ensue.....

This linework is crazy unbelievable!!!

1869698148_ed42666a74 400x343

but you add color like this and it's game over!!! Call 9-11!!!

176398114_1eab171a16_b 400x299

I believe props and thanks also need to go out to Datadub for helping L'amour Supreme put this whole thing together with RxH!!!

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