Thursday, December 20, 2007

EXOHEAD Revisited!!!

IMG_1451 400x599

Just a short post to show off a few of the latest EXOHEAD figures. The only one suspiciously missing would be the pink Paul Kaiju version, but that one seems very popular...

Paul Kaiju "Mission from Mars" Man Machine Kurt. No doubt named after "Locomoto"?

IMG_1435 400x599

IMG_1464 400x599

IMG_1433 400x599

IMG_1460 400x599

IMG_1437 400x599

IMG_1461 400x599


The very first production run of the slightly naughty Grodnoid sold out of Garimpo.

IMG_1445 400x599

IMG_1456 400x599

IMG_1446 400x599

IMG_1457 400x599

IMG_1448 400x599

IMG_1454 400x599

IMG_1459 400x599

The latest "Boogie" SkullRex which is a collaboration between EXOHEAD and Skull Toys I wouldn't mind seeing another colorway of this sculp.....!!

IMG_1438 400x599

IMG_1468 400x599

IMG_1439 400x599

IMG_1444 400x599

IMG_1443 400x599

IMG_1466 400x599

IMG_1440 400x599

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