Friday, December 07, 2007

Brian Flynn & Dora Drimalas Featured on Apple Pro Website!!

Apple Ghostland pic 400x402

Check out the dynamic design duo of Brian Flynn & Dora Drimalas featured on!! How cool is that? You guys like that picture? Look familiar? Yes! It's mine!!

Here's an excerpt:

Super7 started out as “a fun little side project,” says Flynn. After collaborating on a book called So Crazy Japanese Toys, he decided to follow up with a magazine on a similar theme. “And that became an outlet for other personal projects we wanted to do.”

Today, the Super7 empire includes a physical store in San Francisco’s Japantown neighborhood, a website and online catalog, and a series of print publications, including two semiannual hardcover books. The latest is a travel guide to the toy stores of Tokyo, which sold out its initial print run of 5,000 within a week.

“We make t-shirts, hats, glasses, notebooks, books, posters — and tons and tons of toys,” says Flynn. “Whatever we want to make, we can do it through Super7.”

The store carries a variety of vintage and modern toys, many of which are designed by Flynn and other artists, including noted illustrator Gary Baseman. Some of Super7’s most popular items are Flynn’s Frankenghost and Ghost Fighter characters, which he created in collaboration with Japanese company Secret Base. “We’ve been doing them for three years now, so people have gotten to know them,” he says. “We’ve made tons.”

Among Super7’s recent additions are Flynn’s Ghostland figures. “It’s a set of miniature ghost figures, cute little guys that have taken on the manifestations of whatever killed them,” he explains. “There’s one that’s like a little octopus with a peg leg and a little battleship on his chest, and a guy that looks like a blowfish from eating sushi, and an office ‘working stiff.’ The first wave of production is 15,000, and there’s a second run of 15,000 already being made. This line is distributed pretty much everywhere — but with other stuff, you can only get it at our store and a couple of stores we deal with in Japan.”

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