Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ningyoushi Exclusive Rumble Monsters Mini Damn Eaters!!

IMG_1247 400x599

Wow, Ningyoushi cranks out another exclusive hit with these two Rumble Monsters Mini Damnedron Eaters!! Your choice of two variants. Both clear vinyl with either a red or blue tank and Hummer eaten inside. To be released exclusively at Ningyoushi on Monday, December 10th at noon. $48 each. I wouldn't sleep on these as they will go fast.

IMG_1244 400x599

IMG_1230 400x599

IMG_1248 400x599

While I like the included Tank and Jeep, the fun with clear vinyl is that you can put all kinds of cool stuff inside!! None of the following are included with the Ningyoushi Mini Damn Eaters...

IMG_1234 400x599

What about 1/144 scale Votoms micro mini figures? Sold separately, but also available at Ningyoushi!!

IMG_1226 400x599

IMG_1229 400x599

Mini Zag inserts?

IMG_1237 400x599

IMG_1239 400x599

IMG_1243 400x599

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