Sunday, December 16, 2007

toybot studios Campus Edition Popsoda Release!!!

IMG_0471 400x533

At 11am this past Saturday, we released the Popsoda"Campus Edition" at Super7. As the doors opened, a steady stream of customers poured through.....only not to buy the Popsoda! lol...Christmas shoppers looking for uber hip T-Shirts for their finicky nephews out of state..! hahaha! Thank you to the die-hard Skullbrainers that showed up in person and online. The response has been overwhelming and we appreciate all the support! Josh and I had a ton of fun on this project!!

Standing tall next to the unbelievable Holiday Visighost...!!! You guys gotta get see the clear red yummy vinyl for yourselves!

IMG_0469 400x533

IMG_0463 400x299

IMG_0465 400x533

IMG_0468 400x533

IMG_0466 400x533

Sweet!! How cool is that? Online at Super7

popsoda purchase screen super7 400x386

Josh is waaaay too talented!!!

IMG_0470 400x533

If you can bear more toybot studios Popsoda, check out this very nice interview with Andy over at toysrevil. Thanks Andy! Your Photoshop mastery shines through below too. Cool Pic!!

2114967244_032725b5c1_o 400x288


peddle2024 said...

i just got my campus edition in the mail today, and the thing looks even sweeter in my hands than in the picture, and the pics were awesome! thanks for creating such a wonderful piece! this is my first popsoda piece, but likely to start an obsessive chain reaction of obtaining even more! THANKS!!!!!

toybot studios said...

Thank you everyone for the support. toybot studios Popsoda Campus Edition is now officially SOLD OUT!!!

Keep an eye out for more toybot studios exclusive collaborations this year!!!

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